I make my home in Brevard County, Florida’s “Space Coast” where we launch behemoth rockets (and previously, the manned Space Shuttles and the Apollo spacecrafts that put men on the moon) from nearby launch pads.

I feel proud when I see the workmanship of our neighbors, family and friends lifting up from a launch pad at the Cape, soaring into the sky on a column of fire  as bright as the sun.  I appreciate the work and heavy responsibility of each “space worker” who builds those rockets and the delicate payloads they carry into orbit.

And because I worked for NASA and later, a United Technologies subsidiary that worked on the Shuttle’s solid rocket boosters,  I feel a tiny bit of ownership and pride for anything space-related, especially when launched from the hands and labor of our community members.

Both civilian and military have worked side by side to build those space ships and launch them, all within view of my home. Tomorrow the the newly minted military branch, the US Space Force, will present the official US Military Space Force flag to our President at a signing ceremony in the White House Oval Office.

The details:

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