From a commenter at The Conservative Treehouse:

“Love this woman… “Oh my guaawwwd!”

Did she say “Marxichussetts”? I think she did @2:24.

Couple hundred folks protested outside of Gov. Baker’s residence today in that town, Swampscott.

Mass. is definitely on the, what one might call, “Blue Side”… but there are also a lot of practical, no-B.S. folks around that don’t put up with a lot of crap. A few years back the public rallied against the 2024 Summer Olympics Boondoggle… and swayed enough of the overall opinion to shut it down. Gov. Baker, to his credit, came out at some point, went against the grain, and basically said “the public just doesn’t support this”. So that was a win.

Anyhoo… Mass. supposed to “reopen” in a couple days, but, AFAIK (as far as I know) there’s no real plan…

Published 8AM today:

As Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker looks to reopen the state’s economy amid the coronavirus pandemic, questions remain about which industries will be allowed to resume operations first and what restrictions will be in place once they do.


Prediction: Bureaucratic Ineptitude will slowly, painfully extend the “reopening” well into the Summer, absolutely killing tourism. And then folks will REALLY start to get angry.

And the schools will be shut down in the fall… the student population is a 20% swing in the overall city population. That’s a lot of Store 24’s that won’t be selling Microwaveable Burritos and Ramen Noodles.

Some older numbers from 2010:

Boston’s colleges and universities support a total of 68,400 jobs in the city when also including the indirect and induced effects totaling 82,360 jobs state-wide. The total contribution to the gross City Product is $4.9 billion and the effect is even larger, $ 6.2 billion, for the gross state Product.
• Student and student visitors spend approximately $1.7 billion annually in Boston.

etc… etc… etc…

The Country is in a COVID Lockdown Death Grip, friends.”


Well, at the very least, Blue states like Marxachusetts are. I can hear the death rattle from Florida…