THE STORY, as reported on YouTube videos beginning in late 2016 by investigative journalist George Webb, is here in Cliff Notes form. It was transcribed by “911bodysnatchers322” and posted on Reddit on a daily basis.

Titled “Cliff Notes on News Analysis Series, “Where is Eric Braverman?” >>George Webb’s Thesis on Clinton Foundation’s Empire-Building Activities, Racketeering, and Corruption (Part 1),” the transcriptions ran thousands of pages, filling four volumes of a 3-ring binder I keep in a safe place. The following represent only the first few days of Webb’s report.


Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, is allegedly a missing person. The interest in this figure stems from the Wikileaks’ John Podesta emails, in which we discovered that Eric Braverman went to the press and told them to “follow the money” to find out the true crimes of the Clinton Foundation. “Follow the money will lead you to the arms, that will lead you to the oil.”

In an email conversation between Neera Tanden and John Podesta, Tanden warns John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band” (Bill Clinton’s “body man”) who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and find the real HRC scandal”.  Podesta replied with the true identity of the mole: Eric Braverman.

A member of Wikileaks and mentor of Assange’s strangely dies on Oct 22nd and Braverman allegedly went to the Russian embassy seeking asylum. This is unconfirmed but we haven’t heard from him since. Although there seems to be some small evidence an email between his account and another (Neil Brown, Braverman’s husband) uncovered by George Webb indicates he’s in hiding.

George Webb’s thesis is that Hillary, Petraeus, Joe Biden, a “Senators’ Oil Club” and Hillary loyalists such as John Podesta used their political influence and close tetherings to people in the intelligence community / national security council, the US military, and defense contractors to run a “counterterrorism” proxy war in Syria (ISIS). Using funds stolen from a toppled and politically-controlled Libya, they intended to build a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Turkey, all part of a large Gladio-like NATO conspiracy to overthrow Syria’s Assad and lean on Turkey to force a pipeline to Europe through their country to Greece, using the Clinton Foundation, political elitists and international banks to launder money and make covert deals.

Generally speaking, this exposition of NATO criminal empire building has been similarly explored by Sibel Edmonds of user-funded startup NewsBud in collaboration with James Corbett of user-funded in their description of so-called “Gladio II.”

Link to Webb’s Google Docs presentation file where you’ll find some relevant source links.
The five steps Hillary had planned with Gen. David Petraeus:
• Step 1: Get Gaddafi’s 20k stingers, $1Billion, and use to release assets of $30B in cash, and sell off Libya’s oil rights
• Step 2: Topple Gaddafi, get access to $265Bn in Swiss Accounts
• Step 3: Take Stingers to Syria to give to the Muslim Brotherhood and establish a truck line of oil; Note: Christopher Stevens death at Benghazi upset this plan.
• Step 4: Aleppo Gas Attack, Obama Bombs, Ghouta Gas Attack 1200 people killed; Sarin testing at British / Questionable Porton Down Lab
• Step 5: NATO Turkey Coup, pipeline (didn’t happen)
• Mentions Zero Footprint
• Mentions Operation Odyssey Dawn — taking over the rest of Libya
• Follow the Money, Arms and Oil (And later, the children)

Focus on HSBC, James Comey, and Counterinsurgency
• “Senators’ Oil Club” which included Joe Biden;
• Clinton arms dealing; Exile rubber stamper;
• ISIS protected itself with gas masks and Atropine (antidote);
• FBI violating Fair Records Act

Remember, Eric Braverman went to the press. “Follow the money”. It leads you to the arms weapons and leads you to the oil.
• The Clinton Foundation and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton lead you to David Petreaus and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Arms (weapons) leads you to KK&R, where Petraeus was Chairman of KK&R Global Institute of NY, and to Henry Kissinger’s protege Neil Brown (Braverman’s husband), also involved in the Clinton Foundation and also missing.
• Braverman “drills down on donors”.
• George Webb: “FYI. The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered” was written in an email from Sid Blumenthal.

George returns to discussing the now-missing Neil Brown.
• How Sid Blumenthal created Osprey, the “Clinton Foundation Army” (CFA) run by “SASC” (Senate Armed Services Committee) aka the “Senators Oil Club;”
• Clinton communicates with Petraeus via Gmail; claims they hired Turkish Intelligence.
• Journalist Eva Bartlett says ISIS is using people of Allepo as human shields.
• Webb mentions Seymour Hersh’s article “Red Line and Rat Line” — a discussion of the oil rat line from Libya to Syria
• Webb mentions a NYT article that reveals Clinton-McCain connection to Timber Sycamore, the plan to topple Syria.
• Webb mentions James Comey prosecuting the Clinton-Marc Rich connection for an entire 33 year career,  and never having “Quite Enough Evidence” (ie: he’s a legal limited hangout, aka a “weasel”)
• Andrew McCabe’s meteoric rise and his career of obstruction
• John Kerry used Huma Abedin emails to negotiate Iran hostage
• FBI wants five years to process the Records; the 14 Gmail accounts are not government accounts and these are all felonies so they must release them under Fair Records Act.
• What’s in the 650,000 emails? Investment club Generals, politicians, middle east and sub-Saharan arms deals; including UAV startups; plans to blow up countries as a marketing tool for selling new arms like UAVs.

“Zero Footprint” is General Petraeus’ plan to take the oil. It is also a term for asset management and loss prevention
• Found chemical weapons in Aleppo — attacks on civilians by rebels; Eric Schmitt of NYT’s article, “ISIS has used chemical weapons at least 52 times”
• Allepo’s evidence sent to the Hague for World Court because it’s a violation of international treaties to use chemical weapons
• Chemical gas attacks were used on the population along the pipeline to clear it out
• Mike Morell was working for Petraeus on the gas attack plan
• Turkish intelligence working with this team tried to pin it on Assad in order to induce a NATO force (ie: US military) response
• Obama had the Aleppo gas tested in British lab Porton-Down, and learned it was Libyan, not Syrian-made, and hence the narrative of Assad using it against his people fell apart, something that was reported in an article by Seymour Hersch but was banned in the US.
• Obama meets with Turkish intelligence director Erdogan, who–if I understand what George is saying — was trying to get Obama to bomb Syria for its own ends but Obama at this point, was warned by his Security Council that proceeding with his ambitious bombing strategy would lead to a huge war in the face of blatant disinfo.
• They go ahead with a massive attack in Ghouta
• Webb discusses Neil Brown’s Greek pipeline

Journalist Eva Bartlett exposes the UN White Helmets that were using the people of Aleppo as hostages and as human shields (to protect ISIS / rebels)
• Juxtaposition of Eva Bartlett versus SOHR
• Discusses gassing Syrian civilians to clear the way for the pipeline; the politicians involved
• Journalists who were killed for reporting that the sarin gas was not Assad’s
• Sidney Blumenthal to NATO Gen. David Grange connection
• How to get assets, bring in an exile and have him rubber stamp the bogus deals
• “Marc Rich openly admits he took cartel money, bought Gaddafi oil, put it in HSBC, donated $10M to the Clinton Foundation derived from arms, and oil deals”
• James Comey, Andrew McCabe making a career of Quid Pro Quo and wrist slaps. McCabe taking cash and obstructing justice, and blaming it on the DOJ.
• Eric Braverman finds out about the King of Morocco deal and that’s what awakens him.
• NATO roped in by lure with the F35 deals.
• George speculates on Hillary’s Chinese arms deals
• Ashe killed in June 2016 before the Ethics trial, in the stupidest way, crushed by a barbell
• Speculation: Maybe Clinton sold the plans for the F35, given the similarity to China’s J31 which came out earlier
• “Open Blackberry Policy” — Hillary’s open Blackberry policy to accidentally-on-purpose give away State secrets to foreign nationals, giving away sensitive and secret technology that could be used against the US.

• Clinton, Sid Blumenthal and Petraeus were trading plans to invade these countries–they dusted off PNAC neocon plans revealed by Gen. Wesley Clarke
• George Soros to be assisting in the execution of these plans
• First thing you need is a place to put the money. So…
• Create charitable orgs in Haiti as front companies for “disaster relief” for 2010 earthquake.
• Eric Braverman was sent to Haiti for McKinsey to create the interim Haiti Relief Commission run by McKinsey to certify how the money is spent. It is at this point that Eric Braverman essentially becomes part of the Clinton Foundation.
• Braverman is introduced to his husband Neil Brown by Chelsea Clinton, and at that time Brown is staff on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and building pipelines as part of his duties for the “Senator’s Oil Club”
• Discusses how IHRC has inculcated Senators into an Oil Club with promised investment deals, basically giving them a guarantee. <<OP: This is likely how Hillary had so much support from the media and other democrat politicians: they are nearly all corrupt>>
• Mike Morell was the same guy responsible for WMDs in Iraq, a career disinformationalist.
• Frank Giustra was an informational firewall on investors so that Braverman was kept in the dark. Canadian Giustra, part owner of Lionsgate Movie Productions ( a laundering facility), and the middleman “cut-out” in the Clinton Uranium One deal with Russia.
• $600,000,000,000 USD of your taxes were used in developing arms startups and UAVs so Hillary Clinton could sell them abroad but you made no money in this.
• Ambassador Christopher Stevens warns there is Sarin gas going to Syria. He is murdered in a very brutal, public way.  Mosetti confirms.
• 52 incidents of Sarin and mustard gas used
• State Dept “damage control” communicators, who have since left State Dept and now work in Hillary orgs
• Putin makes a statement about Russian envoy attack being a provocation, not a terrorist attack

• Release of FBI warrant for searching Weiner’s emails, and release of Weiner-Abedin email
• Comey’s weasely redactions and how FBI is obstructing justice by the redactions in violation of Federal Records Act, because it was a private email server and not governmental, and yet we know these are felonies.
• Marc Rich openly verifies George Webb’s earlier claims in his book “King of Oil”
• 7 times quid pro quos, and the illegal redactions
• Podesta Emails “he kept me out of jail” speaking about college pal and attorney Peter Kadzik
• On the no-boundaries behaviors, conflicts-of-interest, remarkably unethical dealings of Hillary Clinton
• We know who is in the 1,100 hidden donor network if the FBI would reveal that content
• “King of Morocco deal was why Braverman left the Clinton Foundation”

• Recap: Using NYT Pulitzer Journalism to connect the dots of how “Hillary Commissioned Sid Blumenthal to establish a private army with Muslim Brotherhood and then arm them by taking Stingers in Benghazi and also Sarin gas, and then conquering Gaddafi. Once she got the money from these banks and oil companies, she needed to bring the money back and put it through a funnel, and that’s gonna be the IHRC.(Interim Haiti Recovery Commission)

And Eric Braverman established that (IHRC) with McKinsey & Company for Hillary’s State Dept in 2010, right after the earthquake in Haiti. Bill Clinton is put in charge of this board for a year [the nine complaining board members are cut out of any involvement]. Hillary is putting a lot of money into Haiti from the State Department for a ‘textile factory.’
• Sid Blumenthal commissioned a private army with NATO General David Grange that resulted in Gaddafi’s death, while stealing his gold
• Kikhia Oil Family TNC issues new licenses to Libya Oil / Tankers (“exile rubber-stamper for central bank of Libya”)
• Working theory: the “Gold funnel”. Convert assets to Gold, Diamonds and Art aka “negotiables” in order to avoid detection by wire transfer tracking agencies. This is how you get the Libyan gold to Haiti.
• “Set up a gold mining operation in Haiti. Whether [it] is successful or not, you are going to have the [existing, stashed <Libyan> gold] and you’re going to be able to say “hey we produced this much”. They only have to pay a 2.5% royalty fee to the Haitian government, which is incredibly low by international standards, it’s usually at least 5 to 10 percent. You have this funnel set up for 25 yrs. Every time you topple a country, you want to convince the Dictator to change over into gold and funnel it through here.
• Hypothesis: Discussion of the possibility of oiligarchs using an underground nuclear weapon in Haiti at Port Au Prince, trying to generate a ‘seam’, as a cause of the Haitian earthquake. Using an underground PEN = Peaceful Nuclear Explosion. (PNE) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion to explode nuclear weapon undersea for oil exploration. USSR has used them 715 times in oil exploration.
• Discusses Caracol located near the mining operations as a perfect LNG port and for offshore drilling to make double-use of expensive road-building needed for Hillary’s brother’s gold mine.
• Hypothesis: South China Sea Scarborough Shoal is where drone was captured. China wants area of S. China Sea between Vietnam and Philippines, while Henry Kissinger is working with China to cut out Vietnam and Philippino interest in that part of the sea.

Haiti happens at this point in Webb’s report on the Libya timeline:
• Skoll and Giustra go to Hollywood
• Tembo and CCC go to disaster areas and rebuild infrastructure
• Carlos Slim involved in the Haitian port, drugs and sex trafficking
• (PNE) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion to explode nuclear weapon undersea for oil exploration. USSR 715
• Hillary Clinton flew to Haiti after the earthquake and stayed in her plane. She negotiated the release of Laura Silsby  who had been arrested for child trafficking, taking children from Port Au Prince to the northern part of Haiti. And it reminded me so much to the Loretta Lynch episode with the plane. You stop on the plane but you don’t get off. People come up to the plane and you do your deals and you fly off.
• Monica Petersen – sex trafficking journalist, surmised that Hillary’s brother’s gold mine close to the Bill/Hillary Clinton-run $300M textile factory sweatshop at Caracol Industrial Park Complex was simply a cover story for a sex-trafficking brothel. She went to the “gold” mine and didn’t see any mining activity. That’s where I got the idea yesterday that maybe that’s a “gold funnel” for now until they perfect their mining techniques.

Hillary put $6B in funds to Caracol, Haiti via USAID, including for Carlos Slim’s Mexican cement company Cemex, to build roads
• Here’s the formula to completely exploiting a country: You take all the Oil, all the minerals, all the human capital, all the low-wage labor to get it into the USA. You can sell bribes to get no-tariff manufacture into the US and cheap labor for Walmart and for that, Walmart will give you a donation.  It’s a one-stop shop
• Cheryl Mills’ email revealed that Haiti’s next door neighbor Dominican Republic interests are the mining in Haiti, so they’ll be sucking the resources out of Haiti to build luxury hotels…”to destroy Haiti”.
• Andrew Mccabe is protecting a child trafficking network — I don’t know if walnut is a person from Haiti, pasta from Syria, pizza from Turkey?
• George confirms with the viewers that the proof of taking over countries through the Clinton Foundation is revealed through Hillary, Petraus Centcom emails.
• Trapping people as human shields–as exposed by Eva Bartlett–gives George the hypothesis it could also be used as a sex-trafficking ratline.
• Obama is not part of the Timber Sycamore (topple Syria) plan.

• 1000 Worker Dormitory is built and workers are given GPS loaded cellphones from Digicel, they’re given loans thru Microfinancing that enables drug trafficking and prostitution.
• Hillary is tracking all these people …as a “way to manage your inventory”
• We need all the (meta)data, to subpoena the data for Hillary, Laura Silsby and Monica Petersen
• $6B is not accounted for, which frustrates Braverman
• Clintons shouldn’t be taking in donations under the auspices of humanitarian aid, the Clintons shouldn’t be building privately owned factories, “these are bad connections”.
• Resources being taken out of Haiti and being used to build Luxury Hotels in Dominican Republic

• Neil Brown and Braverman are together somewhere in southeastern United States, close to an FBI office in Lafayette, Louisiana, using “xsphere” which is a proxy tool.
• Ebay founder Skoll and Frank Giustra are making social justice films in Hollywood; they are associated with consolidated contractors company.  Tembo is about post-conflict resolution, and using “spin” to make post-conflict construction look “humanitarian”
• They use social justice people to convince families to let their people go work and live at the factory, then gradually introduce them into prostitution and drug dealing
• George mentions the numerous Huma Abedin-to-Laura Silsby emails, describing a ‘chomping at the bit’ by Hillary to get this operation going
• The FBI emails into Hillary’s investigation are critical to proving child sex trafficking
• QUID PRO QUO Andrew McCabe is obstructing justice, likely because his wife Jill McCabe took 500k (675k?) from Clinton ally for her Virginia Senatorial Run.

That’s it for now folks. There’s TONS more, but we’ll save that for another day.