From the Western Journal:

Members of the House of Representatives who vote via a proxy rather than in person would have their pay withheld under legislation introduced this week by a group of House Republicans.
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Republican Rep. Ted Budd of North Carolina is the lead sponsor of the No Pay for Proxy Voting Act. Six other House Republicans — Reps. Dan Bishop and David Rouzer of North Carolina, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Jack Bergman of Michigan, John Curtis of Utah, Bill Posey of Florida and Alex Mooney of West Virginia — are all co-sponsoring the bill.

The legislation comes in response to a plan supported by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that would allow one member to vote on another member’s behalf.

Democrats say the proxy voting rules, adopted earlier this month, are necessary due to current health concerns. According to The Washington Times, 73 lawmakers had signed up to have others cast their votes for them as of Thursday.

Under Budd’s legislation, members of the House who vote via a proxy would have their pay withheld for each day that the proxy was used to cast a vote or was recorded as present in the House.

The 27th Amendment makes it unconstitutional for a law that takes away or adds to congressional lawmakers’ pay to go into effect during the same session that it was passed.

But Republicans say the measure violates a requirement in the Constitution that a majority of members must be present to vote on legislation.

Thus, Budd’s bill says that the withheld pay would be held in an escrow account and released to the members it was taken from at the end of the session during which it was withheld.

“Outsourcing the duty of a member of Congress is unconstitutional and wrong,” Budd said in a statement. “House members should not be allowed to send someone else to do their jobs for them.”