If you adjust the contrast on the hand in pocket you can see his hand is actually in a black glove and resting on his thigh. Just looks like it is in his pocket.

He never took his hand out of his pocket or leaned against the car. No thrashing at the end as the body struggles to breathe. Able to talk fairly loudly 12 times, but can’t breathe? None of the video looks normal or natural. None of it makes sense. But they had thousands come out on cue, in fully supplied protests, coordinated perfectly between a dozen cities under strict lockdown for a virus that killed black people more often than others. No growing of crowds and outrage….all fully formed within hours of videos release? So lucky those criminals were released from prison in time to join in.

Awfully relaxed for someone restraining….or trying to hurt…..a man. Actions, body language…..don’t really match the narrative.

Anyone who truly can’t breathe would be thrashing violently. The fact that the “paramedics” didn’t take over to resuscitate and the way they handled his body like a sack of potatoes is very fishy. The more I watch it, the more I’m convinced it was nothing more than a show.

Because it’s all staged. Every bit of it. He isn’t dead, they aren’t cops, and no one has been booked. They are ALL actors.

So I have some questions after doing some digging into FACTS; follow me a minute here…. Breaking News concerning the Murder of George and the Democratic Party. According to the store clerks, George attempted to make a purchase with a fake $20 bill. The clerk refused the money.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:- George left without incident but decided to hang out in front of the store, just standing around. Hmmm? George just tried to pass off a counterfeit Twenty and then waited on the cops to arrive.. Think about that one for a minute…. What do people do when they get caught committing a crime? A.) Wait out Front for the Police to arrive or B.) jump in their car as fast as they can and disappear?

In the meantime, just for practice, the clerk notified the police of the incident. The police then rushed right over because, you know, police in big cities are usually free to rush over to check fake $20’s from people who have already left the scene. Happens all the time.

Imagine their good fortune to find George still standing there. That’s what most people do after being caught with a counterfeit bill, right? Just walk outside and stand there to wait on the Police so that they can be arrested.

Here’s the best PART 1.) I find it odd that these two men, Derek (the officer) and George, know each other VERY well. As they used to work together for 17 years, apparently.

I find it odd that the cop had his hands in his pockets while he put his knee on his friend’s throat. Very odd.

I find it odd that they did not just put him in the back seat of the cop car. They were literally standing right next to the door.

I find it odd that a man who couldn’t get air was able to yell out repeatedly for a very long period of time, and did not struggle to live. Why didn’t he call for help with all those people standing around filming him? He just laid there and passively “died.”

I find it odd that they just stood there and let people film this.

I find it odd that most of Derek’s weight is on his right knee, the one on the ground, not the left knee on his friend, George.

I find it odd the paramedics arrived on scene, approached so nonchalantly, then placed Derek’s very much alive friend, George, into the ambulance without any sign of urgency.

I find it odd that Derek’s neighbors never knew he was an officer. They stated they never saw him wearing a uniform coming and going. I find it VERY odd that a cop started the riots. Thank goodness for an ex who outed him. I find it odd that nearly everyone who was arrested for rioting and looting were from out of state. Ask yourself who’s paying for busing people into these cities?

I find it odd that the National Guard was not brought in earlier, and that they were unable to get these riots under control immediately.

I find it odd that these staged events only happen in Democrat run cities.

I find it odd that this “racist” narrative happened shortly after Biden’s racist comment last week. I knew they were trying to distract us from something. I find it odd that this happened just as COVID loses traction. Social distancing SUDDENLY flew out the window. Let’s hope the masks and fear soon follow.

I find it odd that COVID happened the moment the impeachment failed.

I find it odd the impeachment happened the moment that Russian hoax failed.

Can you see the pattern? Should we continue to chase the well orchestrated carrots? Or is there something in you that will stop for a minute and look for the truth?

The Democratic Party have been receiving not so flattering media coverage for the criminal activities that have been being uncovered as well as, Joe Biden mouth continually getting himself in trouble. So what is the answer to deflect the heat???? Well let’s go to the old tried and proven tactic and one of the Democrats favorite go to for Distraction and getting the Spotlight off of them is “The Race Card”.

Yes. how convenient of Derek (white Cop) and George (black Victim) to pop up just at the right time. Also, keep in mind of the fact that Bill Gates, Obama, Fauci, George Soros, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Democratic Party have been linked to the COCID-19 SCAMdemic and was gathering steam all over the world. How convenient it was to redirect attention unto a bad cop (who was issued 12 warnings for police brutality) and Killer of another Black man.

All is left now is justifying the death of George was not the fault of the police department and officers and now revealing to the world that George had other health issues that caused his demise, (he had a heart condition and heavy drugs in his system)

Think about this for a minute, obviously the government knows they can’t control the masses. That was apparent by rioting all over this country. The government knows they can’t control everyone and are outnumbered. So how do they keep the focus off them? Turn everyone against each other, it’s that simple. Can you imagine if we collectively became the HUMAN race and turned out attention to removing those in government who are no longer working “For the People”?

Stay Tuned for more Distractions so that you dont stay focused on the truth and what is really going on.

I’m sure I’ll get put in facebook jail for this, share the hell outta this before it gets removed. Enough is enough! We want OUR country back!