Dozens of the YALE alumni have served in our Federal government – Military brass, Cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices, US Senators, US Representatives, and four of our Presidents. The 300-year old institution’s name holds a certain cachet among the settled establishment in Washington and Blue Blood east coast.

In fact, Yale University boasts that its alumni represent the 3rd most seated members of Congress, the infamous Senator Richard “Stolen Honor”  (aka “DaNang Dick”) Blumenthal of Connecticut among them. Blumenthal, a Democrat, sits on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee that voted to remove the names of Confederate Generals from ten US Army bases.

Many in Congress are going along with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa rabble calling for the Pentagon to remove the names of the military bases named for Confederate leaders from slave-owning Southern States that joined the Confederacy during the Civil War era.

By a secret voice vote held behind closed doors on Wednesday night, the Republican controlled Senate Armed Services Committee elected to tell the Pentagon to remove the Army bases’ names within the next three years. (House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy said he’s “not opposed” to making the changes either.) It is unknown who on the Republican side voted in favor of the Amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, but several of them — Joni Ernst (IA), Martha McSally (AZ), Thom Tillis (NC), and David Purdue (GA) — face strong Democrat challenges in a race to retain their Senate seats in November.

Nevertheless, given that so many proudly declare they’re Yale grads, I wonder how many of them know Yale is name for a slave trader?

Yep. Elihu Yale plied the slave trade, bringing slaves from Madras, India to Europe. It’s one of the ways he made enough of a fortune to have donated a huge chunk of it to underwrite the first of Yale’s historic buildings in a quid pro quo deal to name the college for him.

While radical nihilists BLM and Antifa destroy and remove cenotaphs and statues of those they deem  “White Supremacists” who supported slavery, just as Yale University did during the Obama Administration when they removed the name of slave owner (and former vice president) John Calhoun, can we expect that Yale will remove its vaunted name as well?

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President Trump says he will not even consider renaming the ten Army military bases, calling them part of a great American heritage and referring to them as hallowed grounds.

Same can be said for Yale University, right???

Or not…