We are an Army of Digital Soldiers.

United as One, Divided by None.

No One is Beyond Our Reach.

We are self-organized by duties into four units. One of these duties just might fit your skill set!





With laser focus, we have one simple goal: Engage #FakeMedia narratives and counter them by refuting their lies and propaganda. We do this by providing plain facts and straight truth reporting.

[S]COUTS — You are the eyes and ears of the Digital Army.

You gather intel including relevant images, facts, numbers, links, Trump Tweets, videos, news articles, open-to-the-public comment sections, phone numbers of representatives’ offices, important foreign news (in English translation), Deep State Tweets of importance, embarrassing deleted Tweets by Hollywood/politicians/celebs, comments on news items from professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers, police) to debunk fake news. LURKERS and ANONS on QResearch General are SCOUTS. So are planefags, diggers and everyone who reads something interesting and posts on QResearch (QR) or on social media. There are millions and millions of SCOUTS all over the world. The intel SCOUTS bring is disseminated by millions of anons. Information considered noteworthy is marked as notable. “Notables” are the QR breaking news and are listed at the top of each thread. Notables are automatically copied to https://wearethene.ws – a site safe for workplaces.

[T]ACTICAL ASSAULT (TA) — You are a highly skilled social media warrior dropping the booms.

You engage the enemy directly, using memes, replies, videos, comments and articles, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and any other social media where you/we choose to establish a presence. Your meme warfare has attained “Troll Master” level. You know how to navigate the censorship snares and how to keep your accounts alive so you can fight another day. You have the best memes, articles and videos. You work alone or hunt in packs, whichever you prefer. TA is supported by Unit Operations (UO) and Flanks. TA lights up the targets, Flanks follow your lead and spread whatever message you signal.

[F]LANKS — Support Tactical Assault by amplifying the message.

You are the SILENT MAJORITY and now want to be heard. FLANKS follow ONE WAY RETWEET GROUPS set up by a TA warrior. When TA drops ordinance, you hit social media. You also report bots and violence, call representatives when required, flip polls, sign petitions, like YouTube vids, chats etc. We love FLANKS. Without you, our truth would not be heard. Your mandate, in a nutshell, is to amplify the message exponentially from a WHISPER to a ROAR.

[U]NIT OPERATIONS (UO) — The “BACK OFFICE” that supports [S], [T] and [F].

We organize, assist and recruit. We create, reformat and archive MemeWars and MemeMaterial. We create #Hashtags, make training bulletins, spreadsheets and graphics. We analyze #Hashtags and plan and execute Tweetstorms to discover trends and measure effectiveness. We coordinate between the Digital Army and QResearch General. UO has various specialists. When other specialist skills are needed, UO recruits them from QResearch General.


Whatever your background, your involvement in countering the #FakeMedia is critical.

Choose a role that matches your skill set and enlist today!