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Still trying to see the Game Theory here, in not showing more of how the DS operates to General Pop.

180,000 sealed indictments for who knows what remained sealed

Which means, secret GJ’s (Grand Juries) have already been done. If the DS’ plan, is as some are suspecting, and“John” is alluding to, unless some of this is brought forward before the election, (and not a few days before, or THE day of) and UNSEALED, those who have no clue will believe the false narrative, putting far more in harms way.

if Trump wins then immediate, drastic action follows. If he loses or they steal, we get plan b which is even more immediate and drastic action. Either way drastic action. But plan A has less drastic impact on the country. And hence will be pursued until impossible. It can be left to after election which allows 4 years recovery. It can be left to after election because plan b works at any time as long as Trump is president. early q drops were about 2020.

The globalists have no problem getting indictments against Flynn, Stone, Cohen but after almost 4 years DOJ cant get a single indictment against Page, Storzk, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton(all 3), Obama, Biden, Schitt, Pelosi, Waters, Soros, Gates, McCray, Wray,  Schumer, Newsome, Cuomo, cokehead Biden, or anyone in Congress???


IF the whitehats have it all what are they waiting for? 180,000 sealed indictments for who knows what remained sealed only to vanish if DJT loses the election. Most people know the MSM will declare Dimocrat candadate the winner in Nov regardless of the actual vote numbers and start a civil war. The time to act is now…or is the public just lambs being lead to slaughter by the piped piper? Yes, I will vote for DJT because I have no other option….but if I did, DJT would be sent back to NYC with the rest of the rats.