“The ammonium nitrate that was supposedly in that shed at the waters edge in porous, open topped, bags was too damned old to light a fart.

Get off that wild goose chase. NO businessman abandons 2,700 TONS of weapons grade (prilled) ammonium nitrate. First off, that stuff was not intended for agriculture. If it’s just for agriculture, there is no need for the added expense to prill it. If he couldn’t afford to ship it any further, he’d have sold it at auction then put a “for sale” sign on the ship itself. What was he doing? Waiting for the price of scrap metal to go up all the while he’s paying to dock the damned thing and keep a ghost crew on it?

A “businessman” does NOT let money sit around in depreciating assets. He tries for a profit. He might take a loss of SOME (but not all) of the investment if he must. But he keeps the money moving. He certainly does not get emotionally attached to a rusty and unseaworthy rust bucket.

If you think that somebody just forgot about an ocean going freighter and 2,700 tons of explosive grade ammonium nitrate, then you probably don’t belong here.

Think of wealthy businessmen as autists who focus on money instead of toothpicks. Even if this ship and cargo were a minor part of a huge pot of gold, the guy at the top DID NOT LOSE TRACK OF IT. He may totally lack in empathy, but he doesn’t lose track of money. He knows where it is and what it’s doing at all times and he moves it the moment it can do better somewhere else.”

The ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut was a blackmail gun held to that country’s head as means to extort and control. Someone did not do as they were told. So someone else “pulled the trigger”.

When POTUS said it was an “attack” he was not engaging in hyperbolic rhetoric.