An article summarizing the current China situation.


by Anon (Q Research Board)


Some years ago, a Chinese general told a secret meeting of high ranking CCP members that the US and China were destined to meet on narrow path-along with his racist delusions of grandeur and false version of history. Never mind that this ranting was aimed at fellow communists, who had not accomplished anything except mass murder, until they were handed advancement on a platter, by Westerners who were ignorant, greedy and immoral. They loved the combination of their Chinese racism and Marxist religion that taught them that power flowed from the barrel of a gun. The Chinese people loved it too, as the results of the anonymous poll showed that the majority were willing to commit genocide to expand China’s territory.

Since that speech, China has single-mindedly prepared for a military confrontation with the United States, while all along waging war under the radar, via asymmetric means. The fentanyl that has killed many thousands of Americans every year, has largely come from China. At the same time, China thoroughly infiltrated American universities, with payoffs to professors and board members – the purpose being to subvert American higher education by warping the minds of young people into hating their own skin color and nation. Abetted by Confucius Institutes, they have succeeded in this beyond their wildest dreams, as it turns out that some Americans are the cheapest sellouts ever, willing to betray their families, nation, and the entire world, for a crust of bread.

Let’s not forget the American media prostitutes, the lowest form of traitor to ever walk the earth. Ninety percent of them are in bed with Beijing, running dogs that bark the CCP line, while relentlessly attacking every form of decency and anyone who demonstrates it. There is of course more, but the point is that they have been killing the minds and bodies of Americans for years. Even worse, they seek to erase all that America has ever been, and all that it ever will be. In other words, they intend to kill America’s soul.

They have extended this aggression to the entire world, while building up their military as rapidly as possible. The aggression in the past has largely taken the form of extending loans to many vulnerable places, fully cognizant that the money would not be paid back, and that China would receive important concessions in return. Mineral rights, port rights, military basing rights, etc. Colonization actually, all over the world.

Lately the aggression has been more open. Outright attacks on Indian positions in the Himalayas. Wildly aggressive claims on the East China Sea and South China Sea, reinforced by the blatantly illegal construction of artificial islands that serve as military outposts. The damming of the Mekong, damaging Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The enslavement of the Uighurs. The arming of the Rohingya in Myanmar. The recent claim to half of Tajikistan. All of these things, and more, while presenting an iron face to the world, a face that talks aggressively and never admits to being wrong about anything.

That would be the true face of the CCP, which deliberately, cynically, and viciously unleashed Covid-19 upon the world, in collusion with Western traitors. The President is correct to call it The China Virus, yet it was done as part of a broad conspiracy of Communists, NWO lackeys with huge money pools backing them, and factions within the great religions. The religious aspect of course being absent from the CCP, which is openly persecuting Christians.

The President and members of his Cabinet have now clearly acknowledged the threat from China, repeatedly calling them out with true statements about Chinese deeds and intentions, in effect drawing the line. Major American military assets have been deployed in the Western Pacific, including multiple carrier groups and numerous submarines. All of the nations in South China Sea region have chosen the American side, in resistance to a China which is openly and arrogantly attempting to steal all of their assets forever. Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines have joined Australia, India and America, as well as Japan and South Korea to the north, in a powerful de facto alliance against China.

Chinese allies are limited, but still a significant force. Pakistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan are aggressive, with the Pakistanis now talking about hurling nukes. Beijing has other minor allies, whose main function is to occupy places on the game board. Venezuela. Cuba. Nicaragua. And Djibouti, with its Chinese naval base.

Russia and North Korea are wild cards. Russia is no friend to China, which is encroaching on Russian turf in the former central Asian Soviet Republics, and forcing its way into the Arctic,where it has has no natural place. A Russian was just arrested for spying for China. No love is lost between the two nations, going back to their 1969 border fight.

In addition to this, the Russian government is now bound by law to defend persecuted Christians. The bottom line is that it is not in Russia’s interests to side with China, who they know they themselves would have to defend against in a few years, if China were to prevail vs. the US side. As to North Korea, the rapprochement with the US is likely legitimate. Kim just said that war would not come to the world, speaking in the context of the Korean Peninsula.  This is likely a sincere statement of intention, though the pressures of regional war sometimes force people into unwelcome actions.

Within America, the fight is against Chinese slaves in the MSM, the Democrat Party, fake academia/science (some now being arrested), Hollywood, and various seditious enclaves of money/ideology. All of this opposition being augmented by brain dead street thugs for attempted intimidation of patriots, and Covid-19 hysteria to deliberately damage the economy as an attack on the President.

At the same time, the traitors are pushing as hard as possible for voting by mail, a clear attempt to steal the all important election, which they know they can not win legitimately. They are also setting the stage to claim that President Trump cheated, after he and the American people crush them in November. Meanwhile, China has been caught trying to sneak cash and fake drivers licenses into America, even as they may have been burning fake US ballots before leaving their Houston Consulate.

The Chinese leadership is likely meeting now in Beidaihe.  This is their moment of truth. Their economy was already in severe trouble, about to collapse. Now, within China, the thousand year flood is wreaking havoc, destroying infrastructure, manufacturing plants, transportation, crops, and food storage. To the East, the powerful American alliance sits waiting. To the Southwest stands a formidable India, allied with America. They see the American side sending HHS Secretary Azar to Taiwan, the first Cabinet level visit since 1979, not long after administration ally Steve Bannon introduced The Federal State of New China.

It is time for them to either fight or make huge concessions. To make those concessions would represent a massive loss of face for the CCP, after preparing the Chinese people to fight for so long, with propaganda and rhetoric. Nevertheless, the moment is ripe for the Chinese people to overthrow the CCP, for the average Chinese citizen can see that things are not going well, and is questioning whether the leaders enjoy The Mandate of Heaven. The CCP is between the devil and the deep blue sea, and they deserve it. They see that they are losing in their attempt to subvert America from within. They see that they are outmaneuvered and outgunned militarily. They see that they have massive internal problems.

And so the US and China have indeed met on a narrow path. Will the CCP back down, or will they take a beating? Those really are the choices. American patriots are determined to win, have the wherewithal to do so, and have anger kindled in their hearts. The die is cast.