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Infowars Hoax Makes Real Reporter Look Good
George Webb Dispels Infowars Hoax
Part 1

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, August 16th, 2020]

Good morning everyone, it’s August 16th, 2020, here on the diplomatic back channel, the beautiful Potomac River. So today it’s going to be about dispelling hoaxes.

This, you never know until you check all the facts out if these things that grip the internet are hoaxes or not, but it turns out that this thing with Millie Weaver and Gavin Wick or Wince, Gavin Wince, is a hoax. I don’t know if Millie is a victim of the hoax or not, but everyone else certainly knows it’s a hoax, and we’ll go through what brought my suspicions to this being a hoax and then the proof that it is a hoax.

So, this is, the Infowars, when Infowars does this it makes real reporters look very good. It makes real reporters look very good. So, in a way, I thank Alex for doing this kind of thing. You get a little bit of super chat in the short term but it really hurts your reputation in the long run when you do something like this. When you have three satellites, Alex has three satellites, when you pull this stuff on people and then people discover it’s a hoax, they don’t like it and they don’t watch you anymore.

So if you’re not familiar with the timeline here, let’s go through the timeline, let’s walk through the timeline.

So, I meet with, well, I meet with Bergy, PFC Bergy, on this story called ShadowNet, okay, in December of last year. Now Jason Goodman, to his credit, was first to interview Bergy and did some pretty good little, you know, kind of fly-bys on this ShadowNet story. ShadowNet’s a tool, it’s a weapon, it’s a cyberweapon being used by NATO to effect the 2016 election. Big story. But Jason wasn’t able to go down to Florida, wasn’t able to go to Bergy’s home, wasn’t able to interview him in depth, he was more constrained through time, but he did some good interviews with Bergy on this ShadowNet tool. This is a weaponized tool, a cyber tool, but it’s still a weapon nonetheless.

So, but I went there. I went there and got to know Bergy. I was in Florida, I tried to do a couple of follow-up meetings as well. But I was going and checking out everything Bergy told me. I was going and checking out everything Bergy told me. I was working with people who were looking at real sources, like Harry the Greek up in Cleveland who was running things down, who was actually running these sources down, producing the actual facts for the story.

So, that was December of 2019.

I think Infowars got ahold of the story some time in February, and I remember telling Bergy when we were, we did a, in my chat session with Bergy I said, hey, let’s raise money for you to go to Washington DC. He really wanted to Washington DC. He wanted to talk to Dan Bongino, he wanted to talk to Jeanine Pirro, he wanted to talk to Judge Jeanine, he wanted to talk to all the Fox anchors. Tucker Carlson he had had some communication, Hannity he had had some communication. So he was trying to get to Washington DC. So we were saying, hey, Patreon, you should sign up for Bergy’s Patreon, and Mark Kulacz, a person who’s sort of a sister channel of ours, research channel, did an online sort of fundraiser for Bergy and raised about $645 dollars, and I talked to one of the people this morning who gave $300 for Bergy to go to Washington DC. She doesn’t want to be identified but she’s the same person who sponsored our Charrette in San Diego. We call her Lady Scripps, but everyone who went to the three different Charrettes knows who I’m talking about.

So that $300 is what went to go to fund Bergy to go to Washington DC.

He did actually meet with Dan Bongino. I followed up with him to make sure the story got through. I saw the picture of him and Dan Bongino, and my only fear for Bergy was, careful about Infowars. If they get ahold of the story they’re going to steal the story and make it about them. They’re going to steal the ShadowNet story and people are going to forget all about what the actual NATO weaponizing one of their cyber tools, cyber tools that the American people paid for, cyber tools that the American people paid for to be used against Trump.

Here’s Trump in the United States government giving money for these cyberweapons and then these cyberweapons are turned around and used back against Trump. Probably still being used against Trump. And who was the person giving the orders, the guy who was a Head of the Atlantic Council, the guy who was the Supreme Allied Commander for NATO. That’s the story. Weaponizing cyberweapons. But if you give it to Infowars they’re going to make it about them. They’re going to create some kind of trauma and drama, they’re going to make it about them, which is exactly what they did.

Poor Bergy, you know, he went down to Austin, where Infowars is based, thinking, hey, they’re going to be launching this big documentary and I’m the big star of the documentary, I’m going to have an Imran Awan motorcade into Austin. Everyone’s going to, you know, part ways at the University of Texas. You know they’re going to run out the University of Texas Longhorn Bowl there and have a big celebration. I’m going to drive in on the motorcycle and there’s going to be a 21-gun salute, and Alex Jones is going to come out and put a gold, you know, a medal of honor around my neck for exposing this NATO weapon being used against the President of the United States. Which I do believe he deserved that kind of heroes welcome.

But what happened? What actually happened?

Well, this gal named Tore was putting together the documentary and she was collecting sources, and it turns out I find that Harry the Greek has told me that almost all the pictures and interviews and clips came from reporting he did in February that were rolled out, and, Millie Weaver, to her credit, she’s a good correspondent spokes model. She does a good job, she doesn’t know all the background of where this information’s coming. So I’m not blaming Millie Weaver in this.

But Tore was trying to contact me and she had intermediaries trying to contact me in all this two weeks ago. Lee Wheelbarger, who I interviewed right here in this spot, was one of the people who said, hey, this Tore really wants to get ahold of you. Makes me think they wanted to give me the phone again, just like they gave Julian Assange the phone again for an entrapment scheme for another lure. It seems to be John Brennan’s Modus Operandi to give people phones with Classified Information to get them in trouble. But we’ll leave that, that’s speculation.

But the key here is this Tore is putting together this documentary, okay? And she says she works for John Brennan. She says she developed the tracers. The tracers are technology that will track. You know, let’s say Imran Awan is making hard drives and copies of hard drives from the DNC server and he’s going to put them in his house and he’s going to destroy the original servers and he’s doing the same thing with the blackberries. A tracer is a little electronic bug that periodically reports back innocuously to a central server so you can see what’s going on, so you can trace, oh, it went from the DNC hard drive here and then it went over to Imran’s house on Hawkshead oh, that’s where it is now, oh, the blackberry just left and went, you know, on this plane, Jeff Epstein just left for Africa with one of these. That’s what the tracer is.

Now Tore says she developed the tracer, and she said the tracer goes all the way back. What usually do you disguise this tracer inside a program so you, usually Windows has a ton of different programs and you just put it in one of these programs that Windows has. Nobody can figure out all of Windows even the people who work for Microsoft. So that’s usually what happens.p

Well, anyway, Tore says she developed the tracer. Tore says that she went into the DNC. Tore says she laid hands on the DNC server, if I get the gist right in the documentary. Tore says she removed the real information. Tore says she suspects somebody else came in and put the false information to feed to Guccifer to create the DNC leaks. I might have that wrong, I might not, but I do remember her being interviewed by Alex Jones saying I created the tracer. The same tracer or the same trojan horse, if you will, that went into Iran. Same one, same tracer, and same tracking technology that went into Iran, Stuxnet, which basically fakes out a whole bunch of people that are watching a nuclear power plant, the reader board, you know, the trouble board, the board that blinks red lights if something goes wrong, and it fakes them out, it makes everyone think everything is okay meanwhile is cause the centrifuges to spin too fast and then a thousand centrifuges go up in smoke. That’s what happened in Iran. That was Stuxnet.

So she says she was involved in the development of this and worked for John Brennan but now she hates John Brennan. Now she hates John Brennan. Well, I knew that she worked for John Brennan and I just didn’t feel comfortable talking to her for this documentary.

But what happens, what happens after that is, they’re going to launch this documentary, I think it was going to be launched tomorrow, or maybe today, Sunday. But for some reason they decided to launch it a little bit early on Thursday or Friday, I can’t remember which day.

But Bergy goes down there on his motorcycle. He has got the, his, I can’t remember if it’s a Harley or not but I remember it was in his front driveway when I was there. Bergy does not live in any extravagant means. He lives in a very, very modest house, and he’s not faking anybody out. He’s this true guy. That’s the one thing that I believe. I believe in Bergy. I wouldn’t have done fundraising for him if I didn’t believe in Bergy. I believe he’s a good guy, and I did everything but warn him that said be careful who you give the story to because they’re going to steal it and make it about them. Which is always what Infowars does, isn’t it? And especially Jerome Corsi. We know that about Jerome Corsi.

So, anyway, he gets down there and he can’t even get anyone at Infowars. Bergy gets there on the motorcycle after, you know, the bumpy ride all the way through all the storms and everything, 100 degree heat, he gets down to Austin and what happens? Nobody wants to talk to him. Huh. Bergy who? Oh, I was the guy who gave you the story about NATO, NATO weaponizing the ShadowNet, the ShadowNet, Clearforce, you know. This is the thing that taking down all these elections all over the world, creating all these fake robots. This is the big story. Sorry we never heard it. We don’t know who the hell you are. We’ve got something else running in Ohio right now on our schedule. We don’t have any room for any Bergy.

So Bergy shows up there and he’s completely like, what the hell’s going on here?

This, and now Bergy is going to Ohio.

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