InfoWars Hoax Makes Real Reporter Look Good
Part 2 – by George Webb, Investigative Journalist

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, August 17th, 2020]

Well, in the meantime as this documentary is being released, again, which is mostly shot from Harry the Greek’s great work in February, with the three articles that Harry the Greek did. He did a great job, Alex Jones did a great job cutting it up. I’ve given full kudos on cutting the documentary. It shows you what you can do with a budget and three satellites.

But now we’re going to make this about Ohio. There’s this viral video that happens in this timeline, which is Millie, the star, spokes model. She’s, supposedly, this cop is on her porch and they’re talking about taking her into custody and they’re talking about, you know, get, need to get your shoes on we need to take you into custody, there’s a Grand Jury, a Grand Jury indicted you. You and your “husband” which Gary Wince is not her husband, her mother admitted to that this morning, and your brother, and you’re all going to jail.

Well, her mother, to cut to the chase, that video got about 300,000 views, at least 250,000 views when I saw it, and everyone is, you know, madly trying to get Millie out of jail in this Portage County in North Eastern Ohio. That’s supposedly the story.

Well, I looked up Gary Wince, and, first of all, why is the last name different? You always wonder what Millie Weaver, Gary Wince, why is that? And then he’s 46 and she’s 29, and then, that’s okay, you know, that’s fine, but then he’s a pilot, he trained at Embry-Riddle. Embry-Riddle is where we went, said, hey, this is big CIA pilot training area, we went down there when we were talking to Bergy. But he lives Colorado Springs, in California, Huntington Beach, and I’m like, hmmm. He’s in Colorado Springs, she’s supposedly in Akron, not Diamond, Ohio, where the arrest was. Diamond, Ohio, is where the arrest was. She, Weaver, is in, about 30-40 miles away where she grew up. She lived in Stowe, Ohio, and Akron, and they’re not married. So, what’s going on here? They’re not married, why are they saying they’re married, and he doesn’t live there. Why are they saying they live together? And why is Gavin Wince telling Bergy that he’s married to her? Bergy is being lied to. Bergy is being lied to that Millie has children. I’m not even sure Millie has children.

Again, they’re going to say this is all faulty reporting in fog of war when this happens. But the mother came out today, and said, oh, it was all over a cell phone, oh, it happened way back, we had an argument, and there was a recording on the cell phone. It sounds like Jason Goodman’s cell phone. His recordings, secret recordings, like Bergy was secretly recorded yesterday by Jason. But, anyway, there was this cell phone where we did, I did the secret recording in April, and, you know, I was real mad at her and she took the phone because she didn’t want the recording getting out, ruin my career on InfoWars, whatever, so, this is posted, so I filed a police report on her, and then I thought about it and I thought, well, she gave me the phone back and then I dropped the case. 

And then four months later with this blockbuster documentary that was stolen from Harry the Greek, as far as the research, and stolen from Bergy as far as the content where they forgot about who actually were the sources. They wanted to make it a drama about InfoWars, right? That’s when all these arrests happened. And then that’s the fog of war. Those are all just going to be mistakes, and it’s all going to be fog of war.

Well, I was the one who was saying, hey, let’s do the back ground checking. This is what real reporters do. They look people up and they go, hey, he doesn’t live there, hey, he’s not married to her, hey, Bergy, you’re being lied to, right? And it turned out to be the case. 

So now we all know it’s a hoax, okay?


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