Did you catch Jesse Watters’ “Watters World” last Saturday night? More specifically, his show-opening monolog? The BIG take-away for me, the “Aha” moment came when he revealed something that hadn’t occurred to me. And it’s this:

“…pay attention to that. What were the types of businesses that were burned down all summer? They weren’t multinational corporations, were they? They were small businesses, mom and pop businesses owned by blue-collar middle-class traditional Americans, black, white, and Hispanic. A few big chains got looted, but they can just write that off and don’t bat an eye.

So the large multinational corporation-sponsored Black Lives Matter put out statements of support and donated to their cause while Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa burned their lone competitors to a crisp.

Small businesses who big business have tried to put out of business for decades, and now they have in many cities.

The Democrat mayors and governors didn’t stop middle-class small businesses from being torched. They pulled their police back and refused to let Trump send in the guard.

Something very sinister is going on here.

Mister Middle-Class Joe didn’t tell anyone to knock it off until it was too late. Joe Biden from the state of Delaware, where all the multinational corporations are incorporated for tax purposes.

Obviously, the far left destroyed thousands of middle-class businesses, and guess who they blamed?


Their simple truth is ‘Donald Trump failed to protect America. The violence we’re seeing in Donald Trump’s America, it’s getting worse and you know why? Because Donald Trump adds fuel to every fire. His failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is.’ “