Many members of the legacy media and their acolytes on social media are claiming that President Trump was wearing an oxygen line attached to a small oxygen tank when he left the White House to board Marine One for Walter Reed Medical Facility.

COVID. Yes, he has been diagnosed with the Chinese virus, as have Melania and several others, and because of that is being treated at Walter Reed.

Take a look at this photo — do you see a slim tube coming from his collar, supposedly hidden by his hair, attached to a cannula (nose breather)?

Me either. More BS from the Left who would love nothing more than to see our President flat on his back 30 days out from the most consequential election ever.

Photo via @bopinion


Nothing there. Yet many tweets speculated that he needed oxygen to make it across the White house lawn to the helo. Of all news orgs, BUZZFEED demolished that rumor.

End of story.