From the Q Research Board:

“I hope anons who have kept a Faceberg account open all this time will share the Benghazi info & interview there.

SIMPLIFY IT. (Please edit/correct my humble summary if you want, I am just an anon)

Normies will need a very quick take on it

1. Benghazi was a gun running op.

2. Brennan and Clinton architects (deliberately) informed Obama too late.

3. Iran pulled out Osama Bin Laden.

4. Seal Team 6 kills (Osama) body double, then kicks the corpse out of the helicopter in the mountains, not over water (ordered by Brennan, who as a Muslim knew sea burial was non-halal)

5. Obama had the Intel the entire time, was using OBL death as a trophy kill for reelection.

6. Biden paid with the blood of Seal Team 6.

7. People cheered in front of the White House when the news came out.

8. Big problem.

9. Iran extorts and blackmails the administration for $150 billion to keep the secret.

10. $2 billion was earmarked for US Congress members to keep the secret.

11. There is video, audio, documents, terabytes of info (i.e., evidence).

12. All of it is getting dropped right now, this week.

13. “A Congressman” (Devin Nunes) has it all.

14. Remember Devin Nunes’ sudden White House visit on Tuesday, March 21, 2017? The White House *has* a SCIF where he could safely present/discuss this evidence with POTUS.

Also: pic related is a 2018 post which is no small potatoes, and I’d have forgotten all about it if it wasn’t indexed under “Nunes”.

CALL TO DIG – “Derek Harvey” and “Michael Ellis” (see below)