Sent to me as a comment from a friend.

I don’t view my non-mask wearing as a Constitutional right.
I view it as standing against fear mongering and false information dubbed as “science.”
1- Quarantines are for sick people.
2- Confinement is for prisoners.
3- There are no Hazmat bins for used masks and gloves, which indicates the virus isn’t considered a bio-hazard.
4- Sick people wear masks to protect others from their illness.
5- Healthy people do not wear masks.
6- A virus


is too tiny to protect anyone wearing a cloth or paper mask from contamination.
7- Only medical staff need to wear N-95 or N-100 masks, AND WHEN THEY DO, they replace them as the venue changes, just as they replace their gloves and protective gowns.
And the reusable items get sanitized while the contaminated items get incinerated.
8- I conclude that this whole panic has been an orchestrated LARP to determine who can think “outside the box” of fear, and who can be easily manipulated.