In so many ways…

… George Webb has been way out ahead of anyone else who’s been investigating the Deep State. And in so many ways, his investigation has turned up what’s been and continues to be corroborated by the Q military info team.

For example, in this report he talks about Hunter Biden’s connection with [Tony] Bobulinski and jailed partner Bevan Cooney. The Blackberries are the technically tweaked phones used by Obama and everyone in his Administration, including the Awan spy ring in Congress. It was their principal means of surreptitiously — secretly — communicating with each other.


Bobulinski Blackberries – Another Transcontinental Scam?

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, October 24th, 2020]

Okay, this is George Webb reporting in Perrysburg, Ohio. I’m standing on some of the ground that was used for fracking. It was used for fracking by this person, Bevan Cooney. 

Bevan Cooney is in this company with Hunter Biden, with Devin Archer, with the Heinz kid, [Chris Heinz] the stepson of the [late Senator John Heinz who was killed in a plane crash in April 1991. It is well-known in Capitol Hill circles that his widow Teresa was having an affair with John Kerry at the time] and Kerry’s kid.

Also in there with them was [convicted Boston racketeer] Whitey Bulger’s nephew.

So a rogue fracking company, a rogue fracking company. It’s not above ground, they don’t do it above ground, they do it below ground, and new technology now, new tunneling machines that can be nuclear powered, can drill through solid rock, they actually vitrify [convert into glass thru heat fusion] the rock if they go through the rock.

Is this the CIA? Is this the CIA basically recapitulating the old robber barons?

Remember in the days of the old robber barons? Think of the Transcontinental Railroad, that’s the same thing that’s going on in China with this Belt and Road. So instead of Transcontinental Railroad, it’s the Belt and Road.

But what the old robber barons used to do is get ten miles on either side of a right-of-way. This is a right-of-way going toward Toledo and three different refineries in Toledo, and they would do all the oil and mineral rights.

First it was mineral rights, but then later it was oil used for Morton kerosene and gasoline and other uses with the internal combustion engine. Then it was all the oil and gas leases and either side of these railroad right-of-ways. 

Is that what’s happening in these countries between, basically, Iran and the Pacific Ocean in China, with all the Stans in between?

Was [secret informer] “Deep Uranium” right? Were they using these small modular reactors as the new power plants, the power plants of the future, to do the smelting operations, to do the drilling operations, to do the tunneling operations?

And by placing small reactors in intervals, just like you would train stations in the old robber baron train lines going across a continent, or going across Asia all the way to Europe, is that the way they were, is that the plan?

If you look at it, it’s really two countries. Not just China, it’s also Pakistan. Pakistan is sort of the interests of the Five Eyes. The Five Eyes are the Pakistanis in the deal, building this railroad. Pakistani ISI is being used to clear the nations that are not Chinese in this “Transcontinental Railroad” that they’re building, and they’re being backed by the CIA, they’re being backed by MI6, and then, of course, the Chinese are in this story as well.

Everyone thinks it’s just a Chinese project, they think it’s just a trans-country pipeline, but it’s not. It’s a transcontinental pipeline actually going all the way to Rotterdam from the East Coast of China. 

So, is it just basically the same thing [as the transcontinental railroads of yore]? The only thing we’ve replaced in this story, with these robber barons of now, is we’ve replaced the steam shovel and coal with nuclear power. It’s cleaner, it’s much more compact, it’s something that Russia, a neighbor just to the North has an awfully lot of and no need for, with the Soviet Union collapsing.

And right in the middle of this “transcontinental railroad” is Kazakhstan. This is where Warren Buffett is buying the uranium bank.

Warren Buffett wouldn’t be buying the uranium bank there if he wasn’t going to be using the uranium for something. Warren Buffett is, of course, the leading billionaire that’s transporting oil, oil trains and oil pipelines.

So is it just that simple that steam is now being replaced by uranium, and this is just, we’re seeing it’s just a replay of the Transcontinental Railway with the robber barons of the 19th Century now with the robber barons of the 20th Century? Is that what the Blackberries are all about?

Well, we know this, it’s not speculation now that Bobulinski with the Blackberry, with the encrypted Blackberry, Navy Intelligence remember, encrypted Blackberries, he showed three of them with Hunter Biden, okay?

We know that they’re involved in this technology. We know that they’re involved in this Belt and Road. No guessing, it’s the economic fund for the Belt and Road. 

All signs point to another “Transcontinental Railway,” and why is Bevan Cooney, the guy who’s in jail, why is Bevan Cooney, the guy who’s in jail that was in this Rosemont Seneca, in this Bohai Harvest, why is he buying up land and trying to prove out a fracking solution here, potentially, prove out a fracking solution here of this 20th Century new power plant?

Why is he buying this between here, the 20-mile corridor between Perrysburg and the mosque here, and the three refineries at the end of this Maumee River with the three refineries? 

Is it the new model? Is that what’s happening here?

I think it is. I think it is. I think that’s where this is going to lead. I think “Deep Uranium” was right. I think “Deep Blackberry “was right.


By Radiopatriot

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