This report tells us what we should expect to occur in the next few days leading up to, during the election, and the aftermath.

Dave’s analysis in this 30+ minute report ties in neatly with all that the Q Military Intelligence Strategists (Game Theory) told us beginning three years ago and almost every day since. 

I’m sending this to you so that when all of this unfold in the days ahead, you will not panic. Many will, but you are being given insight now and will know in advance that President Trump and his team of Patriots know exactly what the enemy has planned and have implemented countermeasures to deal with it. Have faith.

Please listen to this report.  Once you have, you’ll be glad you did.  You might have questions, and if you do I’m happy to answer them.

I’ve been following the X22 REPORT for months and marvel at the accuracy the host Dave predicts and explains.  And I can vouch for his serious analysis of what we can expect, based on his accuracy in the past and his uncanny ability to understand what “Q” has shared in nearly 5,000 messages since the beginning on Oct. 28, 2017.



Over the next Seven Days, leave it all on the field. The enemy uses fear to decrease our hope and limit our victories. Patriots & Freedom will be victorious (ISAIAH 43:1 … “you are Mine”)
“Mr. President, in these final days America remains the bulwark defending against a war declared by the unleashed & dark forces of socialism. Place your trust in the instrument of Divine Providence.  “We The People” do and we support you with our prayers & votes. (ISAIAH 41:10)”

—Gen. Mike Flynn, The People’s General

By Radiopatriot

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