I had to visit War Room’s website to find out where I could locate and listen to today’s episode (#479 and 480) of War Room. I found it on Vimeo. Bannon said they are working on adding other platforms, so keep checking the website’s home page.

Here’s what was discussed on today’s two-hour-long program:

As of 10:48 am ET, the Key State Vote differences were

AZ — Biden — +47,262

GA — Biden — +1,098

NV — Biden — +11,438

PA — Biden — +6,826

NC — TRUMP — +76,701

Georgia is expected to do a recount. CNN’s Brian Stelter accused Fox News of showing deference to TRUMP by not referring to Biden as “President-elect.” (as if…)

Sam Faddis, former CIA joined the crew. Discussion opened on a “Stop the Steal” rally scheduled for tomorrow at noon (local time) in front of the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Faddis and Bannon talked about the Republicans who have the majority in both Pennsylvania legislative chambers. “Where are they? They stood by and watched and did nothing — offered no opposition — while their Secretary of State changed the rules the night before the election in violation of their own laws.”

Bannon asked if what we’re witnessing is a color revolution. “Yes,” Faddis answered. “This is threatening the foundations of our 200-year-plus Republic.”

I was reminded of the purple lapels and necktie worn during Hillary’s concession speech in 2016. The symbolism was picked up by several of us — was she signaling a “PURPLE REVOLUTION?”

@RealSamFaddis on Twitter.

Next, Darren Beattie, political theorist, entrepreneur and former White House speechwriter, joined the conversation which focused on the Republicans who haven’t yet stood up for Trump. “In times of crisis, you figure out who your friends are. The corrupt Republican establishment is reluctant to stand for Trump. Some of them are giving lip service on Twitter only, but many want Trump to lose.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Trump to lose because he thinks he will then become the defacto leader in government. The George W. Bush apparatus are most comfortable with a Biden administration. McConnell isn’t doing enough, because he looks forward to doing battle with Biden. Beattie referred to a piece in Revolver.news that McConnell will lose his majority leader status.

Beattie also made the case that Trump battle this out in the courts, and to pressure States’ legislatures to cede President Trump’s electors.

“This is a narrative war, the key to victory, which is exactly the strategy used in a color revolution. The left media understands they must convince the people that Biden is the default President-elect. Thus all the news organizations, including Fox, are preparing to declare Biden as the winner. And any Republican accepting this is stabbing Trump in the back.

The GOP should fight to prove that this is not a legitimate election. Should explore the issue of State Legislatures’ authority to cede electors. Should execute a full court press against this color revolution.

Bannon asked for a definition of “color revolution.” Beattie said it is a specific type of regime change model that engineers contested election scenarios. In this case, it is mail-in balloting.

He said he warned the Trump team about this and admonished them to stay awake, “don’t go to sleep” because that’s when the mail-in ballot dumps would take place. (Trump did mention this in his White House briefing yesterday.) He said “our people were not being attentive” to the post-election vote counting methods.

Beattie pointed to Florida as the “big winner” in this election, saying the state protected its mail-in ballots by counting them first.

And reiterated that if Mitch McConnell thinks he’ll remain Senate Majority Leader, he’s fooling himself.

Bill McGintey of the Vogel Group joined the show. He pointed to Georgia’s democrats who had an improved ground game. The count is close and will lead to a recount, and that will include a run-off of the two Senate races as well.

He added that Wisconsin could also be headed to a recall as well. Biden currently has a 9,000+ lead over Trump in Pennsylvania.

Also discussed was the legal process for “calling the race” by AP and the media. McGinley explained that by state law, the official certification of ascertainment occurs when the Secretary of State certifies the results after a canvass of selected counties, and presents the final tallies to the Governor. None of the states have certified their votes. Yet. However, in the 2000 presidential race, Florida’s Secretary of State Katharine Harris certified the votes, but the state’s Supreme Court nullified.

North Carolina has until Nov. 12 to certify.

McGinty, a legal expert, said hard evidence of ballot fraud is important, that if Trump has a factual predicate he needs to get into court quick, today! “If you’ve got evidence, go to court! File!”

Transparency in the counting rooms is critical. The fight to observe the accuracy of the counts should have been going on before and during the election. In Pennsylvania, 21,000 dead were registered to vote. Also, the state’s provisional ballots would be the last ones counted.

McGinty said the GOP should have had people standing there with the counters.

@WJMcGinty on Twitter.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, did a press conference in which she said “there’s only one domestic enemy — Trump!”

Bannon wrapped up, admonishing listeners to steel themselves with resolve, and assuring that though this was going to be a tough day and posibly a tough weekend, there are smart people already on this (Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell were named), and pointed to a handful of tweets by Trump who quoted former independent counsel Ken Starr.