From “Mostly Peaceful Mises Scholar:”


As the MSM declares Biden President-Elect & Democrats gloat & celebrate with GOP “Patriots” demanding President Trump bow “to the inevitable” as BIG TECH suppresses & censors any mention of the innumerable CRIMES being committed TO OUR FACES…

Americans will have to weather 2 to 3 WEEKS of this ASSAULT on our #Constitution & the American Spirit.

#POSITIONING. You will see All Parties on the Left (Including an UnMasked FOX NEWS) bring all possible pressure to bear to FORCE Trump & his Supporters to BEND THE KNEE. GO AHEAD! PANIC!

Trump won’t panic. GO AHEAD! DECLARE IT’S HOPELESS! As President Trump #POSITIONS **HIS** Forces & fights on. “B-BUT HE’S NOT **DOOOOOING** ANYTHING!!”

That he’s gonna tell YOU before he’s ready?

“WHAT’S HE WAITING FOR!? ALL IS LOST!” says you, Weak Sister. This is where we separate GENUINE Trump Supporters from the opportunists & hangers-on. Fair Weather Patriots never understood Trump & now that their CLICKBAIT GODS have turned against him they shrug & go “Ah Well! It’s over! What’s for lunch.”


Here’s @GenFlynn, one of America’s Unsung Champions on what’s unfolding: [NEWSMAX Interview with Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn on the state of the 2020 Election, November 7, 2020.

When HE worries, I’LL WORRY. The message is clear: “We got this, Fam. Hold on, dawn is coming.” I believe him. YOU?

MASSIVE crimes were committed by Democrats on & since Nov. 3rd. & now as they SMILE & GLOAT to our faces, their sycophant MSM & BIG TECH ride SHOTGUN on their attempt to turn the USA into a Banana Republic. Censoring & shutting down anyone who calls FOUL.

2 near & dear to me. [Brian Cates & Carlos Osweda] & POOF! Their accounts gone overnight. Brian had over 200,000 followers, Carlos over 100,000. With 1,000’s more every day. Am I next? Ask me if I care. This is a WAR FOR THE SOUL OF AMERICA. I lose a Social Media Account: BIG DEAL.

GET LOUD PEOPLE! Do you have ANY IDEA what just happened? As http://US.MIL, The @TheJusticeDept & the @CISAgov **documented EVERYTHING** via a SCI FI level surveillance package that probably included AUDIO/VIDEO of the shenanigans with INFORMANTS witnessing it. TRUMP WAS PREPARED!

If you’ve been watching #Huntergate unfold on @RudyGiuliani‘s COMMON SENSE YouTube Channel you’re up to speed on how DEVASTATING that was. Yes, it’s being viciously suppressed & IT DOESN’T MATTER.

The attempted theft of the Election is IT DOESN’T MATTER 2.0

It’ll matter in COURT! The evidence of the election fraud is MASSIVE & overwhelming. As the cheating Democrats SPIKE THE BALL & go HA! HA! HA! to our Faces, Trump & his Team will be building a (politically) FATAL Case of Treason that will STICK for all time.

As this happens the Left ENTRENCHES ITSELF… & when I say THE LEFT I mean ALL HANDS ON DECK Left: Democrats, the MSM, BIG TECH, the Pollsters, The RINO GOP… ALL of them are now LEANING FORWARD trying to FORCE us all to our knees. With the NU Democrat Platform: EXTORTION! They are now THE NEGATIVE VESSEL. No Plan B.

What is THE NEGATIVE VESSEL? An ancient ritual where a person would take a Jar or Pot (Vessel) & see themselves pouring all their Hate & unbalanced thoughts & NEGATIVE lower emotions that were troubling them into it. Then they would SHATTER it to ease their burden.

In warfare a General seeks to create a Negative Vessel of his opposing General/Forces. He tries to ensure they pick an opponent he can easily defeat & if SUCCESSFUL, will watch as the Enemy pours **ALL** of THEIR $$$, hopes & efforts into their Loser General. Then you DESTROY HIM

When Trump does FALL upon them like a Thunderbolt, there will BE no recovery. THEY WILL ALL BE BROKEN & EXPOSED BEFORE THE WORLD. Shattered.

62+ MILLION Americans are AWAKENED right now, staring in RAGE & DISBELIEF as Corrupto-crats GLOAT about nullifying OUR Votes. This is THEIR TIME to cackle madly & make HIDEOUS plans about what they’ll do TO us to pay us back FOR BEING PATRIOTIC AMERICANS who DARED defy their WOKE Nu Religion.

Well, we ARE Rebels, we HAVE a Creator already & it’s NOT THEM! As Trump prepares carefully to strike. When HIS time has arrived, you won’t be asking questions.

Would you like to see a Democrat/MSM/BIG TECH Perspective of what THAT will look like?

11/03/2020 was an act of SHEER HUBRIS coupled with desperation. They WENT FOR IT & now they’re DOOMED. In the SHITTY MOVIE they’re trying to FORCE you to live in until President Trump STRIKES BACK, it will be DOOM & GLOOM 24/7.

Everyone & their MOTHER telling you #ItsOVER to get 2 particular devils PECKING at your ear: Doubt & Fear. To CRUSH your Soul & Morale. HAH! President Trump will soldier on. Waiting for his enemies to commit EVERYTHING. To cement themselves to a narrative Trump knows he can SHATTER at will. And HE WILL.

Bear witness. History is being made. BE. HAPPY. WARRIORS. As they HOWL & SHRIEK at you impotently.

People are saying 2020 was a year with a DECADE of Terrible in it. HOLD FAST! Imagine 20 YEARS of WONDERFUL in it. Because that’s coming. Just one more STUPID & ARROGANT Speed Bump thrown up by the Enemies of Freedom that will wreck THEM, not us. All is Well. #RockOn.

ADDENDUM: This **current FBI** capability. What does http://US.MIL have? WE. DON’T. KNOW