Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Will Come Down on Their Heads

Steve Bannon discusses the HAMMR, a supercomputer that is a “Signit,” a signals intel program the NSA came up with years ago and was picked up by the CIA in the Obama Admin.

The Obama Admin took the system and put in an application called SCORECARD that changes votes at a certain point in the voting stream.

The Obama Administration used it in 2012 in Florida.

Lt. Gen Tom McInerney discussed it with Steve Bannon on War Room Episode 470 (Nov. 8) which can be found at

RUMBLE is the alternative to YT for information that is being suppressed by BIG TECH. It is free. All you have to do is sign up to listen to all the truth tellers who’ve been gagged by DS and their accomplices.

Later in an add-on to Episode 470, Bannon talked with Kirk Wiebe, former NSA Senior Analyst about how HAMMER and SCORECARD works.

Sidney Powell appeared on Lou Dobbs and reported this, adding that data has been obtained from the whitleblower who built the capability — Dennis Montgomery — with forensic evidence of voter fraud perpetrated by the people operating this system to change the votes of the citizens of our country.

MORE: BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden

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