>>11534448 What if you destroy ballots and documents pertaining to an ongoing investigation into voter fraud?

>>11534464 BIll Binney (29) if what our President said about 100,000 late votes (all for Biden)is true

>>11534481 Ask yourself this: If there is nothing to Q and Biden really just won, why is the board getting attacked so hard right now ?

>>11534494 BREAKING: Here is the signed affidavit from Erie, Pennsylvania @USPS

>>11534499 The Federalized National Guard were pulling around the clock duty in at least 16 states to trap these monsters.

>>11534533 ny tweet with HAMMER in it is getting the warning label.

>>11534538 All great Americans in PA use Four Seasons Total Landscaping. They love this country and are American Patriots. Thank you!! CoreyLewandowski

>>11534546 why did trump have his press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping???? and 15 mins after trump announced it is when the media fucks called it for biden?

>>11534547 relevant to Dominion guise?

>>11534561 Video – Flynn on the election.

>>11534588 Patriot Anons Hmmmmm Landscape PA = Keystone

>>11534614 What if you used armed groups to declare and take over power in the US? What if their money came from overseas?

>>11534645 Nolte: If Elected, Biden Will Wield ‘Phone and Pen’ with Flurry of Executive Orders

>>11534649 What if you called for a group to overthrow the government and removal of the President?

>>11534664 What if such a group was formed and/or acted?

>>11534679 , >>11534782 What would such an action be called?

>>11534688 Could Defense Sec. Esper be resigning because of his relationship to bureaucrat Maria Stephan who was outed in the leaked ShutDownDC

>>11534846 With Time Short, Judge Mulls Georgia Voting System Changes

>>11534856 General Flynn new Tweet