What we can expect.


This is going to drag on quite a while. Let me cover the basics:

1. Recounts

>Georgia has a recount

>Pennsylvania has a recount

>Nevada has a recount

>Wisconsin has a recount

>Michigan has a recount

>Arizona has a recount

All of these iirc fall within .5%, therefore he doesn’t have to pay. If he does pay? Its only 3 million or so per state. A small price for extending the timeframe. Furthermore, Pennsylvania has to section the ballots into two categories due to Alito which complicates it further.

2. Fraud lawsuits – there will be many

>Limestone County already had 1 arrest

>Pennsylvania has a UPS worker agreeing to testify in court that the supervisors were backdating

>Glitch in Michigan

>Pennsylvania/Georgia not allowing Republican observers in (especially during that period on Election night when Biden skyrocketed)

Each one of these is going to be used to eat up time. The Federal Election Commission chair has already stated that he believes voter fraud took place, specifically citing that the refusal to allow republicans back in to observe and counting anyway is a violation of law.

3. Dominion

>Amy Klobucher, Elizabeth Warren and Ron Wydden already got involved in the Dem Primaries specifically due to worries that Dominion was potentially a threat for voter fraud/manipulation

>Dominion also had a court case against them in Georgia wherein the presiding judge was very worried about the potential for damage

>Glitch in Michigan swapped some 3k votes from Trump to Biden

>Dominion is used in 47 counties in Michigan

>It is also used in 30 different states

>Most importantly it is used in every 2020 election swing state

>It has some Dem lobbyists working for them including Pelosi’s aide

>It also violated Benford’s law with Hilary in 2016

>And works in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation on Project DELIAN from the Democracy Project

So for mathematical proofs they will go looking at:

>1st Digit Benford’s law

>2nd Digit Benford’s Law

>Chi Squared Goodness of Fit test

>Last Digit frequency analysis

>You can also use integer percentages as an in identifier of potential electoral falsification.

>You can run fourier spectra histograms for leader result/voter turnout.

>You can even look at if the rate of invalid ballots falls, and you see an increase in the share of ballots for a candidate there is a possibility of tampering, especially if this is paired with a decrease in an opposing candidate’s share. For example, if 1k votes were declared invalid, and you saw Biden gain 1k, while Jorgensen lost 1k, it would suggest tampering.

>Even simple combinatorics could provide mathematical validation of fraud based on chance due to the down ballot run issue.

4. Ballot Run issue

>Essentially most of the found votes turned up with a weird conundrum

>They voted for Biden but did not vote for any congressman, senator, etc.

>Essentially they only voted on a single thing per ballot

>Statistically in the past this has happened at a rate of 3%

>This year it ran at a rate of 18+%

>6x higher rate of ballots, but only a “26%” increase in voter turn out – statistical anomaly

Where this is headed:

At this point you are just moving the line back as far as you can towards Dec. 14.

If you can do it without a state of emergency, then better.

If not, you call the emergency powers into play and designate Chinese interference into the election

>Joe’s low opposition to China, Trump’s anti-China streak, Trump killing the TPP, and the Hunter Biden laptop scenario all help correlate to this move

Trump tells the DOJ to investigate and they will due to a recent Barr precedent.

The repubs in the states in question can refuse to hand over until after the DOJ Investigation.

Sure dems can challenge but it will just go to the Supreme Court.

Legislature supports all these moves of stalling (including emergency powers if it comes to that but probably won’t).

Dec. 14 rolls by and the vote goes to the house.

Each house rep gets 1 vote.

Repubs have 26, Dems at 23. Even if they hold all 2018 wins, and gain Pennsylvania seat, they still end up at 26 vs. 24. 25 with Georgia iirc.

Repubs vote Trump.

2nd term for Trump.

Meanwhile the Media has primed the populace for “Trump stealing the Presidency”.

So you get even more riots. Potentially much more violent ones.

The question that remains is, does anyone care enough about the presidency, to risk the riots?

The answer is, of course, yes as we’ve seen factions nationwide riot over far less.

By Radiopatriot

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