The Military Intelligence Information platform known as “Q” reminded us several times that the future would reveal the past. Meaning that events yet to come would help us understand the sometimes cryptic clues/information given us by patriot military planners working with Donald J. Trump to rid our country and the civilized world of the foul, decadent and ungodly corruption that had embedded itself within our institutions.

The Q team couldn’t explicitly reveal what they wanted us to know as much of it was classified. But they would point us to areas that enabled some pretty bright autistic types (and the rest of us) to research and uncover critical pieces of information that we could piece together that would reveal a larger picture. A good explanation of this remarkable process is explained by Dave Haynes, aka “Praying Medic” in his two books about the Q intelligence information war still being fought as I write this.

A search of the (currently) 4,949 “drops” or clues for the word  “BALLOT” brought up 28 posts containing vital information that like a sign post, pointed us in directions where we needed to dig: CoVid and how it’s been used by our nation’s enemies to push mail-in ballots, protect Joe Biden in his cellar, and so much more, all of it perpetrated by evil (yes, EVIL) and corrupt enemies foreign and domestic who, like termites, have been deliberately and systematically destroying our republic for decades.

Here are some of the 28 drops  I’ve chosen to help you understand what the autists and a growing number of millions around the world have uncovered during this absolutely remarkable journey that isn’t over yet.  And because the anons have dug and probed and crawled down some pretty deep and scary rabbit holes, we pretty much know the plan and we trust it.

Thus because we do trust it, we are “comfy,” calm and confident that though the storm may be building up, there will be sunny uplands ahead when the earth-shaking battle is won and the evil ones have met long postponed justice.

We love OUR President Donald J. Trump even more knowing the tremendous weight of battle he (and his family) are shouldering in the fight to return our nation to glory as the beacon of light in a very dark world by making America First — and great — again. As we pray for their safety every day, we also pray and give thanks to the Special Operators (both in uniform and clandestine intel gathering) who are risking their lives to help our President drain the swamp.

DROP #780
Feb. 16, 2018

DROP #2479
Nov. 11, 2018

DROP #2689
FEB. 11, 2019

DROP #3960 – APRIL 14, 2020

DROP # 4239 May 14, 2020

DROP # 4307 MAY 21, 2020

DROP #4329 MAY 27, 2020

DROP # 4494 JUNE 22, 2020

DROP # 4551 JUNE 29, 2020

DROP # 4640 SEP 9 2020

DROP # 4688 SEP 13 2020

DROP #4738 SEP 20, 2020

DROP #4802 OCT 1, 2020