From the 8Kun Board…

“Just spit ballin’ here…”
What we want is Exoneration

So thoughts here: maybe since General Flynn when he worked for Obama he had to play the game and did some shit he didn’t want to do. And when he backed Trump he confessed it all.

Maybe this pardon is an expanded pardon on anything “they could bring up to destroy him later” but not the Mueller charges. This pardon could be things that he was ordered to do under the Obama Administration. After all he was obeying the Commander in Chief.

I don’t think Sullivan is going to get away without dismissing the case once and for all. And maybe the pardon’s content will be held in confidentiality until Sullivan is forced by the DOJ to drop the charges for [Flynn] lying to the FBI.

So if he’s pardoned of all transgressions of the past, and Sullivan drops all charges without prejudice, then he will be exonerated from the Fake Russia charges by the Court.

And the jackals can never come out of the woodwork to destroy him again.

That’s the only way he could go back to the WH and work for POTUS without more attempts at his destruction.

I don’t know if this is possible, any lawfags here that can comment on it?

The reason why I was thinking that the pardon could specifically not cover the Mueller charges, because the stupid public and hateful liberals will always repeat and consider he’s a felon for lying to the FBI.

With the exoneration and pardon Flynn would literally be washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ, all is forgiven

Just spitballing here, because yes we want an exoneration.