What it says on the screencap below (language alert):

11/25/20 (Wed) 17:56:20

Since you are a few hours from kick off let me share what Sidney knows. She knows that Dominion was switching votes, she knows the CIA was switching votes, she knows the corruption in Georgia involved both the Republicans and Democrats. Republicans were bribed months ago to get the Dominion system in and turned a deaf ear as Dominion programmed the system to switch votes from Trump to Biden. She knows money changed hands to prevent mail in ballots from being checked for signature problems. Now here is the kicker. She knows Republicans took a shit pot full of money and she is close to finding out where the money is stashed. What she also knows and probably will not comment on now is the Republicans and Democrats agreed before the election that there would be a runoff for the Senator positions in Georgia and the Republicans would win because the CIA would switch enough votes to keep the Republicans in control of the Senate. The Republicans got a shit pot full of money, particularly the Secretary of State and the Governor. Also they got to be a check on the progressive movement in the Democrat party and that fucking pedophile would have his excuse that he could not do anything. And finally with Trump out of the picture both parties could go back to fucking the American people with glee. A shit pot of Chinese money went to both Democrats and Republicans. Of course the wildcard was that nigger bitch Stacy Adams who went fucking wild and had her pack of feral niggers and Democrats stuff ballots all over Atlanta and she personally trucked in a shipment of over 2000000 ballots to the Fulton County and Dekalb County voting precincts. This dumb bitch did this on her own and is one of the main reasons everyone got fucked. This imbecile did not realize a video was made documenting the unloading of the ballots and they are going to get the dick of justice shoved up their ass. Considering Trump knows 4 million ballots were changed by the CIA Merry Christmas.


once upon a time the 🤡’s took down an airplane.

the memer’s went to work…

the pilots of that plane were reported on NATIONAL TELEVISION as being

Wi Tu Lo

Ho Li Fuk

Sum Ting Wong

if true, this is a HO RE FUK MOMENT



And then there’s this: