This was one of the best interviews I’ve heard Bongino do.

His questions to three-star General Mike Flynn were well prepared and certainly things I was interested in learning about the People’s General. What makes him tick? And in his own words, the ordeal he was put through for four years.

Listening to him talk about his views, his leadership principles, our country, and especially President Trump, something occurred to me. I’ve “heard” that voice before, those words… the tenor and tone… the teacher teaching us how to think. To REALLY think.

And then I realized who that “voice” belonged to. Someone who taunted us in a Q drop five months into the Q information platform…

Do you understand what I’m telling you? I think I know – without a doubt – who an integral member of the Q team is, if not “Q” himself.

Listen to the interview. It’s Episode 1407, Exclusive Interview with Gen. Mike Flynn.