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“Let’s reset the Lin Wood vs Republican Establishment deck…that’s playing out in GA for a moment.

I’d preface all this by saying if “WE ARE WATCHING A MOVIE” then POTUS knows what’s going on here and that’s all that matters. 

IN addition, all of us ANONS benefit from having the perspective of being able to watch all these morons from above their bubble. IF you are a career criminal (in which almost all of them are), they don’t have that same perspective. Most of them are either elitist pricks and grew up that way, or wanted so bad to be one that they have whored themselves out to get where they are and they have no comprehension of ever being in a streetfight like most of us ragtags do. They have never had to worry about people like us watching them from above and afar, knowing everything about them. That is the whole point of THE DIGITAL ARMY.

Furthermore, they are all so arrogant that they simply just brand Q as a conspiracy and all of us as lunatics. Well…..That’s their critical mistake.  Rather than know their enemy, they dismissed it (us), and now the spotlight is so bright on them, they are all utterly fucked. 

Newt Gingrich has been able to slither unchecked for 50 years in government. Why would he all of the sudden be worried or think he’s being watched or gonna get caught now? Because again, he is arrogant. There was most likely a reason that they shipped his fat ass to the Vatican because he probably went and slit his own throat even more.  Who calls him “Mr. Speaker” like a fanboy? Yep, Sean Hannity. Does anyone really think you can rise to a place and power like Hannity or anyone else and have your hands clean? The answer to that is FUCK and NO.

The brilliance of all this is POTUS needs to sell to the public that it’s The Deep State who is evil and that includes BOTH sides of the aisle. When we start tossing in the trash from Georgia and many others who are RINOS and complicit and corrupt, that becomes much more awakening to everyone else that it’s not just a partisan roundup.

Now to Lin Wood himself:


1) Hes one of the few fighting like hell and taking a blowtorch to them all.

2) He’s aligned with Sydney Powell which means he’s indirectly also aligned with Flynn and then the good guys (assuming Flynn’s portrayal is accurate). Not saying hes not, but the Tracy Beanz type associations are baffling.

3) He hasn’t been told to stand down yet (which is the most telling)


1) He’s a carnival barker

2) He has shown allegiance to Dem Candidates in the past and

3) He was involved in cases involving Richard Jewel/ Jon Benet’s parent/ Kobe/ Kyle Rittenhouse/The Covington KY kids… I mean every one of those cases could technically be CLOWN CASES- (FF or BLACKMAIL) and he could be one of their go to guys on the defendent side to ensure what needed to be done was done.

You can make a case either way if he’s white hat or black hat but none of these people he is opposing have done anything for us and POTUS. If I was Kelly Loeffler and Perdue, I’d be fucking irate if this happened to my state… but they’re not. Even if Lin Wood is shady, he may be playing a role and singing for his own supper. And if we are all confused and not sure, then imagine what everyone else is, especially the enemy. They have no fucking clue right now who is good or bad, and that’s the whole point here.

To me, we all made the choice long ago to RIDE with Q and POTUS so our decision was already made a long time ago. We can not stand down now.




By Radiopatriot

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