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Game theory = chess moves and countermoves

This article describes pretty clearly all of the remaining moves based on the things that should occur should there be a disputed election. Written in Sept 2019, this is scary accurate so far.

To summarize the 54-page article: the path that this will take will start with lawsuits and counter lawsuits in the lower state courts up to the higher state courSts up until Dec. 8 when by constitutional law, the electorates must be selected. There will likely be two sets in these contested states, one by the state legislatures and one by state seal of certificate through the governorship. On 12/14 the electorates from each state will vote and the contested states with two groups of electorates will oppose each other whether its a republican state legislature and a democratic governor or vice versa.

This leads us to not being able to determine which are valid in the House and Senate because a standard can’t be met for all states on which electorate votes to certify in congress as the two chambers in Congress will also oppose each other.

The control over who decides then resides in the President of the Senate which is Mike Pence. Mike Pence (Senate) will then duke it out with Nancy Pelosi (ouse of reps) in a posturing battle over the 12th amendment, the 20th amendment, the Electoral Count Act of 1887, and 3 U.S.C. para 15. Lawsuits will be filed pre- and post- 1/6/21 Congressional certification of the votes but will turn up nothing as inevitably lower courts will be powerless to tell Congress what to do and the Supreme Court likely won’t get involved or be seen as being political in nature based on PTSD of a similar experience in Bush v Gore.

This will continue on until 1/20 when it will be determined that Mike Pence is not longer Senate President and has a conflict of interest in deciding anything. With Nancy Pelosi being elected House Speaker again on 1/3/21, she will attempt to declare herself as acting President for as long as the stalemate remains, by virtue of the Twentieth Amendment, and plan an inauguration.

Trump will simultaneously be doing the same and undoubtedly the whole world, both sides, will be watching in fear of what will happen on 1/20. Pelosi further declares that, once it is noon on January 20, with Pence no longer President of the Senate, it will fall to the president pro tempore (Senator Chuck Grassley) to declare his willingness to accept Biden as president-elect in order for her to end her service as acting president. (Trust Grassley, Post #2274)

As of 1:00 PM 1/20/21, the US Military will be the last option on whom they choose to follow orders from – Acting President Nancy Pelosi or Assumed Re-Elected President Donald J. Trump.

This CAN NOT go further because one of these “presidents” MUST have control over the nuclear codes and button, otherwise face SEVERE NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT with no commanding officer to respond to enemy hostile and/or nuclear threats.

I would like to point out that Donald J. Trump insured that Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House by saying “I’ll get you all the Republican votes you need.” Always 17 steps ahead.

At this point, the world has had a fast-tracked education on the Constitution and what is legal/illegal constitutionally. Along the way there will undoubtedly be civil unrest and riots occurring as The People become increasingly unsettled by the lack of finality in the 2020 election and the undulus emotional swings as people talk, postulate, and opine about what each of the lawsuits and ensuing positions in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Governors, the State Supreme Courts, and potential the US Supreme Court mean or indicate.

Unfortunately they all have countermoves and thus the pendulum of uneasiness will swing far in both directions multiple times. The media will work everyone up into a frenzy this entire time as well, futilely and incorrectly declaring each of these moves to be the final nail that decides it all.

Where this article also misses is that patriots will continue to drop increasingly damning evidence in courts. Transparency is the only way is mentioned by Q NUMEROUS TIMES including in posts #2500, #2539, #2643, #2662, #2700, #2816, #3178, #3702, #3762, #3763, #4550, #4686, #4757. I suggest you read those. Find them at any one of the following links:




This will mount pressure on the Dems and make it increasingly hard to take the path stated in the document in the public’s eyes, but nonetheless they will be in their constitutional right to do so as long as the courts refuse to intervene on the issues legally or correctly.

This will point out extensive judiciary fraud to all the people who still fail to see it. If the public pressure is enough and transparency is enough, it could force Biden to concede. But if he doesn’t, then it will continue along the path stated in the document unless military steps in prior to 1/20.

Which is the only other thing Q says is the “only way” — The Military.

As stated in Q’s posts #26, #36, what will be necessary for Trump to use the Military will be the civil unrest and rioting, and the attempted overthrow of a sitting president, and he will use the Insurrection Act to activate them.

Q post #34 “On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out.”

This essentially summarizes the entire game of chess that COULD be played out and with Trump wanting to completely expose the flawed process, and to also maintain the integrity of the Constitution aka LAW AND ORDER, and to also “bring us to the very precipice” while still maintaining full control of the outcome, this will likely play out in the most thorough and exhaustive way (game theory), covering every aspect of constitutional fraud and manipulation, where in the end, the only option left granted to Trump in the Constitution will be to use the Military to save the Republic, as seen in Q Post #22 and #34.

I will point out that at any point during this time period, Trump could use the Insurrection Act as there already exists, and surely will be more evidence to support it Constitutionally.

Since Congress has already approved and the states have already activated the National Guard, POTUS can take control of them. This would allow the Marines and the NG to work together under one set of orders. This is shown in the Posse Comitatus Act whereby the POTUS can take control. Temporary Martial Law could come into play and the happenings could occur.

Lastly, and very importantly, a nice coincidence for you. With 1/20/21 being a VERY IMPORTANT DAY for NATIONAL SECURITY, there is ONLY ONE Q post on a “1/20” and it’s #3777 (digits) this video posted on 1/20/2018 of the Military.

You Decide.


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