George Webb: Trump’s Three Options


Trump’s Three Options After Supreme Court Defeat

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan December 12th, 2020]

Okay, this is George Webb reporting from Georgia down near Blackbeard’s Island. This is a pirate cove here from way back when. You can see maybe the blue water in the distance there, not too far from this working fishing dock. 

Just talking to voters here, talking to various folks that are the subject of novels about what would happen if there was foreign interference in our government and a secret team was put together by Donald Trump, and this book, the subject of the book, the hero of the book, the protagonist of the book, is a gentleman by the name of James Grimshaw. You can see two earlier interviews I had with him if you go back a little ways in the Neighborhood News Studio archive that you can see these interviews. 

So, my how life imitates art. We have a similar situation now with this last supreme court challenge not being successful, being dismissed.

We’re now really looking at a couple of different options. There’s the declassification option, the declassifying certain key documents that out the criminalization, out the foreign interference in the election. The other option, of course, is to find a whistleblower and give them immunity, give them a pardon, sort of a Marc Rich pardon in reverse. Remember Marc Rich was the one that got the pardon for protecting, for protecting all these same people, this cabal, this Enterprise cabal. We’ve been following it, Bill Barr, Mueller, all these folks, going all the way back with Bill Clinton and the Bush’s to Meena Airport and Iran Contra. 

So, there’s the pardon option, there is the declassification option, and then the third most radical one is the secret team option which actually goes out and gets commandos and mercenaries and seizes the programmers and extracts confessions, and so forth, the Serbian programmers, and then they basically spill the beans about SMOTE and spill the beans about the Dominion machines. That’s a real long shot, but, again, Trump is still the Commander-in-Chief. NSAM 47, signed by John F. Kennedy, does allow for that. He is the Commander-in-Chief, responsible for National Security.

This is an affront to our National Security every bit as much as the British coming up the Potomac and burning the Capitol, or burning and burning the White House. This is very similar, only it’s an electronic version of that with the Serbians coming up the Potomac and into all of our Dominion machines. This is a George Soros-funded group, this is a long-term CIA-funded group. The same Enterprise group has been funding these operations in Belgrade, Serbia, since at least 1999. We know that NATO gave them the encrypted communications to make this Enterprise network covert. So we have the answers. Just a matter of deciding to pull the trigger and taking action.

So, I’m told here by the local folks that a Trump boat tour happened here as well. This small town mustered two hundred boats up and down this harbor here to go out to the ocean, which is really quite amazing. 

So, from a pirate’s cove, we’re reporting on the pirates in Washington, the pirates in the swamp in Washington. George Webb, for Neighborhood News Hour.


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