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December 11, 2020

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan December 11th, 2020]

George Webb here, near Savannah, Georgia.

I just saw MSNBC talking about how almost eighty percent of people in the United States believe that the election was rigged on the Republican side, on the Republican side. About twenty percent believe that on the Democratic side. And they were saying how this was going to lead to violence, and how this was, you know, the greatest crisis in American history. It’s going to lead to violence.

The same MSNBC, for four years, for four years saying Trump was an agent of Russia. CNN, Trump was an agent of Russia. For four years. Far after the election was over. They tried the 25th Amendment coup. They tried all sort of different dangles and coups with Butina. They tried the 25th Amendment, four different Carter FISAs, spying memos spying FISAs, the Mueller Report, the Impeachment coup, all the coups in between, all the dangles and coups in between with different people coming in and out of the National Security Council, the phone call lure. All through four years, non-stop, a rolling coup. 

And now when the American people see five critical counties, all close, stop voting and then rocket surge northward in these Dominion Voting Machine counties, now that’s conspiracy theory. Now that’s conspiracy theory.

Not Donie O’Sullivan saying the 14 year-old who created the logo of Donald Trump body-slamming the CNN logo, he was an agent of Russia, but now they’re going to declare who is, who is saying, what is conspiracy, what isn’t conspiracy theory. After four years of this. We’re not even to the inauguration and they’re already saying, discounting this. They’re already saying the Supreme Court deal. 

I’m not saying secession is the answer, but a Constitutional United States, a Constitutional United States, where you have to swear your oath to the Constitution, above all else, if you break that vow, you take that position and you break that vow, it’s treason. It’s death.

We can’t have this, five or six different counties swearing their allegiance to George Soros, or some other foreign influence, and then deciding for the whole country, three thousand counties, when Biden only wins less than a hundred counties. 

That can’t be. That can’t be.From

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