Billionaire Drug Dealer Ibrahim’s Containers Still Sail Under Diplomatic Immunity

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan December 11th, 2020]

Okay, here we are in the Port of Savannah. About three and a half years ago we covered a story about that company Maersk right there, and another company called Evergreen, bringing in those containers, those containers, about four of them. You can see Maersk ones right there, under Diplomatic Immunity. 

Diplomatic Immunity means that a diplomat from another country, in this case it was the UAE, was sending in containers into our country without any customs checking. No customs checking. This is known as the Diplomatic Immunity loophole.

We had identified three and a half years ago a billionaire from Pakistan, a drug-running billionaire, a drug-running billionaire in a contested region of Pakistan called the Kashmir, was using Princes in the country of UAE to ship drugs and also weapons. Drugs and weapons, and also dark weapons. Dark weapons meaning weapons in a supply chain of nuclear supply chain, as well as bioweapons, in those containers. In those containers. And the customs officials were not able to look at those containers.

Now, we were actually in Ohio three and a half years ago looking for missing uranium. We were looking at the ratline which was missing uranium. We had an FBI Informant come into the picture and give us information that there was four containers on a ship like that, the Memphis Maersk was the ship, telling us there was some kind of nefarious activity in terms of a dirty bomb. 

There’s the, the story was, the FBI gave, the FBI Informants told us that there was this uranium coming in, it was supposed to be highly enriched, it wasn’t, it was used for nefarious purposes in Pakistan. Used in Iran, potentially. Now it’s depleted, and now it was coming back into the United States to be potentially used for a dirty bomb. This what the information we were given.

Immediately we did the analysis and we said, well, Ibrahim, international drug-dealer, international drug-dealer in Pakistan, international drug-dealer in Pakistan using the Port of Norfolk. No, it wouldn’t be in the Port of Charleston. 

In any case, other individuals took that information and ran with it, publicized the Port of Charleston being a, the place where an attack would occur. I said it was Ibrahim. I said it was Norfolk. Well, in any case, the Port was shut down and it was diverted here, to the Port of Savannah. 

Interesting follow-up on the story, though, with the Port of Savannah, is the records, the records of the shipping company, the Maersk shipping company, were completely wiped out by a hack about a month later. And, still to this day, almost three and a half years later, no records at the police department in Charleston, no record at the police department here in Savannah.

So, there you have it. Four years later very little remains of the loophole of the Diplomatic Immunity that shut a Port down and keeps a billionaire drug dealer in business, using that loophole.