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YouTube’s Free Speech Ban Is Harbinger More Wickedness To Come?

Here is the new Foreword to my new book, At Dawn They Strzok

Foreword To:

At Dawn They Strzok

By George Webb, December 7th, 2020 – Pearl Harbor For Our Republic

YouTube has recently banned any discussion of foreign interference in our 2020 Presidential Election.  YouTube and the nearly trillion dollar monster Google that owns them is now decreeing what is allowable speech.  YouTube seems to have forgotten the four years the American public endured listening to CNN explain how Donald Trump was an agent of Russia.  Children have been born, learned to walk and talk, gone to preschool, and then learned how to Zoom with their entire lives being told President Donald Trump is an agent of Russia and Putin.

In his fifth book, Somewhere Under The Rainbow, George Webb highlighted fake news agents like Donie O’Sullivan promulgating conspiracy theories about Donald Trump being an agent of Russia.

Many Americans perceive a cloud of surveillance, censorship, and hacking descend over them to go with the cloud of contagion of CoronaVirus that wafts over them in success waves.  In my book, Somewhere Under The Rainbow, I described a Ukrainian oligarch henchman that was used by NATO to pacify protesting populations with CoronaVirus-like bioweapons, using increasing pathogenic versions of the virus to quell resistance in countries being overthrown by a NATO cabal or propped up in the case where the NATO surrogates were already in place.

Americans now are wondering if these pacification operations might not already be in place for those of us who are not lucky enough to have mountain top mansion in Malibu.

Igor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian billionaire henchman, has already been accused of using chainsaws on his political opponents and spraying mild viruses from drones on protestors in Hong Kong on behalf of the Communist Party in China.

Americans now seem to innately sense if subjects of speech are now being removed from their vocabulary for Big Tech overlords, other operations far more sinister may be afoot.  I have chronicled those operations already carried out by NATO’s political cabal, led by Carl Bildt in NATO’s “peacekeeping” operations around the world. Indeed, NATO peacekeeping measures for the United States of America will be voted on this week in our US Congress with House Bill 7120, disguised under a George Floyd cover of righteous indignation.

In his book, Somewhere Under The Rainbow, George Webb describes how Richard Helms defied an order by Richard Nixon to end bioweapons development, and how Helms simply moved operations to NATO partner Canada and then on to NATO partners in Europe.

Indeed, the pincer movements from the US Congress to usher in thinly veiled NATO forces as “Kelly Boys” with the curtailment of free speech by YouTube declaration appears to have ushered in a 1984 DoubleSpeak scenario with shocking speed. Almost nonexistent now are the Tony Bobulinskis showing us encrypted communications devices Hunter Biden used while traipsing through China and Kazakhstan, securing Belt and Road energy deals for the NATO cabal.  In equal turn, Presidential pretender Joe Biden has disappeared from the media scene, only pictured now in happier, non-COVID times.  Never before has a Presidential plant been so compromised before ever stepping foot on the Inauguration carpet.

In his book, Somewhere Under The Rainbow, George Webb outlines key Department of Defense transfer points of bioweapons technology to NATO partners in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and Norlfolk, Virginia with NATO ACT.

At what point will Americans realize they might be in some kind of a slow extermination program, or at least some sort of Big Pharma mass virus vaccine development scheme?  If one gives the current situation a little thought, the reader can even see how the Nazis would be proud of the current tableau. Himmler openly wondered if there were more effective means of getting Jews to voluntarily board the trains to slave labor camps where advanced Nazi war machinery was under development. Of course, IG Farben was also engaged at the internment camps in exactly this sort of virus vaccine development program.

In his banned book, Somewhere Under The Rainbow, George Webb outlines how FBI and CIA Agent Peter Strzok acted as a key go-between for bioweapons testing on NATO peacekeeping populations. Wouldn’t the Nazis have envied our Tag and Trace technology in cell phones to seemingly randomly mark our fellow citizens for the Yellow Star of COVID?  If these parallels to the Nazi bioweapons development programs to the current NATO programs can’t be openly discussed, then our democracy isn’t worth much in the final analysis or Final Solution as the case may be. The impingement of free speech by YouTube security state surrogates should be the canary in the mineshaft, we need to signal that fact that something very wicked this way comes.

In the banned book, Somewhere Under The Rainbow, Author George Webb describes Peter Strzok’s role as a go between to a bioweapons program overseen by NATO in the NATO partner country of Ukraine.

Acknowledgements to the four film directors and over twenty volunteer journalists from all over the country that convened in person in Maryland, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio in numerous workshops to help research all seven of the books I published in 2020.

Special thanks to authors and filmmakers Darrell Hamamoto, Ph.D., Peter Duke, Len Bracken, Brian Lloyd (RIP), and Keith Adler.

A special thanks to the thousand of citizen journalists around the world that have contributed to our YouTube channels, and especially to those who have attended NewsRoom workshops.

Foreword To At Dawn We Strzok

By George Webb, November 22, 2020 – Presidential Assassination Day, By Bullet Or By Fake Ballot


My name is George Webb, and I spent thirty years implementing software and troubleshooting networks.  I was known as a “full stack” guy meaning I could troubleshoot a system from actual wiring through the switch and routers to the client applications and deep into large databases residing on the servers.  Deep analysis was my thing.  I never thought I would become a journalist or write books.  I had written two books before June of 2020, but they were mostly technical history books of my father and his career as an inventor of the cordless phone.

Like many of you out there, I became incensed at the blatant corruption I saw in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  CNN seemed to be actually working with the FBI to smear Trump at every turn with leaks and “hacks”, and this shocked me because up until that time I only watched CNN. This anger only grew during the final months of the election, culminating in the sudden death of Gavin McFadden of Wikileaks in September of 2016.  This was the third death of Wikileaks key executives, and it seems the CIA and the FBI CounterIntelligence teams were destroying the computers and phones of the deceased rather than investigating.

I began making videos on a daily basis to extend the work of Peter Schweitzer of Clinton Cash, labeling them Hillary’s Hackers and Henchmen, Day 1, Day 2, and so forth.  I had no idea I would have traveled all over the Midwest, Canada, and the Eastern Seaboard and be living in New York and Washington DC in a few months time.  I called the video series SpyGate because an unbelievable story of five Pakistani spies and one Ukrainian woman spy on Capitol Hill had been broken by Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller in Washington, D.C.

By January of 2018, I was ramping up my subscriber base on YouTube, and I started working the radio talk show circuit.  I felt I was having some success getting the word out about these spies on our own Capitol Hill.  I did a whole bunch of radio shows, but I found I just didn’t have the time to do the research and fact finding, then shooting the videos, and then take time to do a radio show.  I preferred to spend every spare minute with a female ex-cop turned investigator that I called Task Force who was showing me the ropes of evidence gathering.

I felt I was pioneering a new form of citizen journalism by actively encouraging research by the viewers of the channel, then summarizing the work of the contributors, then going to the actual place in the story like the Russian Ambassador’s home or the mansion of the Russian billionaire that was being used by the CIA and FBI to generate wiretaps against the Trump insiders.

At Russian Ambassador Kislyak’s Residence – May of 2017

My general impression from the first days that I got to Washington was that all the “Trump Russia Connections” being reported on CNN were actually CIA plants in the campaign to have the excuse to start surveillance on Trump insiders.  To add irony to this situation with George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, they also seemed to be doing Russian and China energy deals for these same CIA and DNC insiders.  For the final irony, this same CIA and FBI plants in the Trump campaign were being portrayed as victims by Fox News, masking the clear election rigging the CIA and FBI was doing with the help of the DNC.

After I made 4,000 videos documenting on-site all aspects of the CIA and FBI election manipulation to bury their Iran-Contra like arms dealing, in May of 2020 my YouTube channel was destroyed by YouTube along with hundreds of thousands of links to news articles and other critical sources.  I was thrown into a race to recover as much as I could from memory, and my only outlet at this point after having been deplatformed by six other video platforms was to write books.  I have sold over 10,000 copies of the seven books I have written since then in my pressing need to recover what YouTube had destroyed.

In yet another odd irony, three of these books have been banned by Amazon, and another book has been suppressed unless the reader has a direct link to the book.  I am in the process of rewriting each of these books for my Patreons, and I am adding illustrations and footnotes I did not have time for before the critical election date of November 3rd, 2020.  I also now have the blessing of the annotations and worksmithing of young, up and coming YouTube journalist, Addy Adds, and I have two great proofreaders in Wes McCoullough and Wendy from Virginia.  In addition to trying to recreate all the research work that so many thousands of contributors have bequeathed to me, I also was blessed early on to have Connie Bevan doing transcriptions of my work for over four years now.

Enjoy At Dawn They Strzok

Prologue To At Dawn We Strzok

At Dawn They Strzok

By George Webb, November 22, 2020 – Presidential Assassination Day, By Bullet Or By Fake Ballot


After spending a full week with my readers from Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida in a sort of Sherman’s March To The Sea with my trusty sidekick from Wisconsin, Addy Adds, I gleaned a lot of new insights into improvements into my books.

The first and foremost requested addition was an index and or glossary of all the characters I talk about in my videos and books. The second most requested addition was inline footnoting at the bottom of each page for new entities or abbreviations in the text. Wordsmith Addy Adds even suggested a book like Wayne Madsen’s CIA Glossary that he updates every year as its own separate book. Wendy from Virginia suggested a more expansive and immersive introduction similar to allowing a theater audience to feast on the scenery of a set before the action starts.  Wendy even wrote a companion book to my Blackberry books that adds an extensive prologue or scene-setting, and she added more explanatory prose along the way through all the books. Wendy’s book, which I nicknamed Theater of War, immersed the audience in five separate ratline scenes arrayed around them in a semicircle.

(Author’s selection to most closely match Wendy from Virginia’s Theater Of War scenes to begin “At Dawn They Strzok”)

In the first scene to the audience’s far left, Dimtri Alperovich configured Blackberries while an impatient Huma Abedin and Fiona Hill waited for their Blackberry bags to be filled. (Citizen Journalist “Harry The Greek”) Janet from Georgia, who was a former Evergreen Aviation pilot, inspired the second scene on an airport runway with a DARPA radar invisible Eclipse Jet.  Huma Abedin shows the pilot in the second scene how to securely PIN message their contact on the Blackberry while Fiona Hill shows the pilot the 5555 key sequences to wipe the phone. The third middle panel is a drug lab in Kashmir in Pakistan where Pakistani Ordnance factory weapons are being loaded onto the Eclipse Jet as bags of opium are being stacked by Imran Awan, readying them for processing.  Imran gives the OK sign to Pete Buttigieg as he taxis down the runaway.

I want to give credit here to Debra from Michigan, another woman pilot who has attended many NewsRoom Workshops, for adding color to these aviation descriptions. In a fourth scene to the audiences’ right, we see bags of Pakistani drug money called hawala being unloaded at O’Hare airport, been changed into greenbacks to support the wholesaling and retailing of drugs nationwide. I defer here to the pilot Debra for choosing O’Hare.  I, of course, would have had the Evergreen pilots landing in Oregon as attested to by Carol of Oregon in our NewsRoom simulations. In the final panel to the audience’s right, we see the bitcoin being loaded onto laptops, ready for transport to the DNC by Imran.  A watchful Rahm Emanuel makes sure Imran Awan has a scarf for his Eclipse Jet milk runs to Detroit, Michigan, Columbus, Ohio, Frederick, Maryland, and Baltimore.  Thank you to Kevin from Columbus for adding color to Imran’s landing in Columbus, Ohio, complete with a wave from Mega Group’s Les Wexner and Jeff Epstein.

Thanks to Dave and Aaron from Michigan for adding all the folklore about Max Fisher waving Imran in for a landing at the Willow Run Airport for a rendezvous with Paul Whelan, the convicted gun runner, and spy recruiter. Mark from Toledo, Ohio reminded me of the Unholy Toledo’s history of organized crime in drug and gun-running as well.  Perhaps Imran Awan’s Eclipse Jet landed there as well.  (Citizen Journalist Dave Underdown below)

I am sure more panels could be added, but the reader understands the concept.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth a million. And if you want to save the reader time, write in word pictures.

Finally, I don’t have the time pressures I had when I wrote my first seven books after my YouTube channel’s four thousand videos were destroyed in April of 2020 and my first book was destroyed on Parler in May of 2020. I can take my time now to write in a more expansive way with the constant proofreading of both Addy Adds, Wes from South Carolina, and Grammarly as well as a host of attendees to the NewsRoom Workshops. (Citizen Journalists And Proofreaders Addy Adds and Wes McCollough pictured below)

So this is the difference between Preface in Prologue in what I understood from Wendy from Virginia’s book.  Wendy’s message was to take time to set the scene with the actors presaging the future action in the book with pantomimes of various ratline activity. Her book also emphasized the need to define what winning looked like.  Winning is supplanting MSM with a better, citizen journalism alternative.  As most readers know, I am working on that documentary with that message with Peter Duke in California most every day.  I talk with one of the best citizen journalist, Harry the Greek or, every day.

Finally, thank you to Tim, Tom, and Kendall in Michigan for reminding me of my working-class roots in Ohio and Indiana. Tara and Dave have been great representatives of the State of Massachusetts as well.

There are dozens of people I forgot to mention, but this is only a prologue.  I still have a Preface and Acknowledgments to go later in this book.   Enjoy At Dawn They Strzok.


Laura Weightman: One month of alphabetically organizing every name from small to big fry ever mentioned in 4000+ videos. Then taking each name and exposing on it. For example: Peter Duke, Q (you’ve mentioned Q) Task Force, Paul Whelan, Pence, Obama. Papadopoulus, Julian Assange. Etc.   If this was done right it would be a best seller ‘political Bible Index’. Grand stuff. I did look at the CSPAN interview of Dominion CEO and pals and was convinced that Dominion voter machines were rock-solid secure. Then I saw the DEFCON Sept 2020 analysis and was, well… kinda shocked. Geepers !!!   I would like to promote your site by showing some of the links on my webpage

George Webb Sweigert : The source of the widely reported “Warren Flood” (author) and “GSA” (company) metadata which appeared in Guccifer 2’s first three Word documents was found in the Podesta email collection.  A document named, Slate_-_Domestic_-_USDA_-_2008-12-20.doc was used as a template when creating 1.doc, 2.doc, and 3.doc.  This template injected “Warren Flood” as the author value and “GSA” as the company value in those first three Word documents.  This template also injected the title, the watermark and header/footer fields found in the final documents (with slight modifications).

Rose McGinty: This sounds amazing.  Will make great Christmas gifts. God bless this work and protect those working on it


George Webb: Thanks to all the Citizen Journalists out there.  Without you, there is no New Media.

Introduction To “At Dawn They Strzok” Now Illustrated

My books come to life with me when I get to the illustration phase.  I write mainly from memory and rarely do I use notes, so the illustrations add the critical third-party verification of my work and also greatly reduce the number of words the reader has to intake to get the big ideas.  Here is an example with At Dawn They Strzok…

At Dawn They Strzok By George Webb, November 22, 2020 – Presidential Assassination Day, By Bullet Or By Fake Ballot

Introduction – Most Americans will be surprised to learn that the faulty voting machines in the key counties in the key swing states that swung the election for Joe Biden were programmed by a hacker group in Belgrade, Serbia, recruited by none other than FBI Agent Peter Strzok in the year 1999.

Yes, the same Peter Strzok who ran election operations against Donald Trump in 2016 is the same man behind running election operations against Trump in 2020.

The Dominion Voting System group, which is currently involved in a flood of lawsuits in key counties of swing states, was the primary focus of suspicious election activities for President Trump in November of 2020.

Dominion Voting employs fifty-one programmers in Belgrade, Serbia.  Many of these programmers trace their hacking roots back to the overthrow of Slobodan Milosovic in Serbia in 1999.  Eastern Europeans seem to be oddly entrusted with the 2020 Presidential Election.

Dominion Voting systems came under fire from President Donald Trump in late November of 2020 for the ease at which the machines could be hacked by young students with no previous experience with the Dominion voting machines.  Gaping security holes in the Dominion System were highlighted at DEFCON White Hat Hackers Conference in September of 2020.

The CEO of Dominion, a Canadian by the name of John Poulos, also testified in Congress in January of 2020 that Dominion had security vulnerabilities using chips made in China.

Lawsuits were also brought against Dominion by a voter protection group in May of 2020.  Voting protection advocate Mary Marks brought a lawsuit against the State of Georgia in May of 2020 for their $100M Dominion purchase.

One programmer who wrote the vote “leveling” code for Dominion Voting in Serbia, Alek Lazarevic, was involved in election flipping operations for Peter Strzok in Ukraine in 2014 and in the election operations of 2016 against Candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

One internet blogger named Jessi Prince also tied Lazarevic to being the famed Guccifer 2 from

2016 Election Operations. One Serbian journalist named Stefanovic even went as far as accusing this author of working for Serbian intelligence by publishing a false picture of Lazarevic from his LinkedIn profile.  This amount of attention and fixation over one Serbian elections operation programmer for Dominion indicates there are far more details to be discovered about Dominion Voting in Serbia.

How can this mind-boggling corruption occur in plain sight, right in front of the American public without anyone noticing?  One simple reason explains it all.  Everything you think you know about FBI Agent Peter Strzok is false.  First, you probably think of him as an FBI Agent rather than being a CIA plant in the FBI Counterespionage office at the age of 26, made possible by his CIA Agent father.

You probably don’t realize he drew a check from the CIA during all of his years of employment at the FBI, and he drew an FBI check for two decades even though he never went to the FBI Academy. You know he ran election operations against Donald Trump in 2016 with Operation Crossfire Hurricane, but you probably don’t realize he kept his top-secret clearance until August of 2016.  You also may not realize his confederate in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, Bruce Ohr, kept his clearance and high-level position inside the Department of Justice until election operations in 2020 against Trump were completed.

Strzok most probably ran election operations against Trump again in 2020 from a Georgetown library meeting room interspersed with occasional jaunts to his favorite Georgetown restaurants in DC.  Strzok frequently meets CIA/CNN correspondent Rick Wilson at Bistro Bis near Union Station.

This author strongly believes that his marching orders for Democratic Governors in election operations were very close to his boyhood vacation spot of Mackinac Island in Michigan.

The author maintains that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer played the key role as an intermediary for other Democratic Governors in these election operations.

The key Memorial Day Weekend at Mackinac Island served as a strategy center for Peter Strzok and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. You also probably don’t remember his Canadian NATO intelligence officer liaison, Warren Flood, in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. And you would be even more surprised that Warren Flood ran operations for Strzok in 2020, meeting surreptitiously in Sault Saint Marie, Canada with Flood relaying instructions to five Democratic Governors through Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Warren Flood, a long time technology confidant of Joe Biden with ties to Canadian Intelligence agency CSIS, was in Detroit in 2020 working for Microsoft.  This author believes Flood was the key Peter Strzok operative for Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada operations where Flood’s BrightBlue LLC operates.  Flood’s fiance Alice McAlexander also runs election operations in Georgia with her company CIVIS that recommended the Dominion Voting systems in Georgia.

But like all things Peter Strzok, there is a cover story for every lie, and everything is the opposite of what it appears to be.  In this book, the Strzok election operations of 2020 will not only be revealed, but you will also be shown how Strzok’s “investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s emails were actually encrypted messages from devices Strzok gave to covert, mercenary army Generals and spies around the world.

Strzok’s device of choice for both “wetwork” and election operations over his twenty-year career with the FBI was the venerable texting machine, the Canadian Blackberry, just a few miles down the road from his birthplace, in Waterloo, Canada.  Some of these encrypted devices made their way to the same Kosovo Liberation Army Generals that were accused of organ harvesting during the 1999 Kosovo War, so these Blackberries are involved in some of the most macabre operations in the military history of the world.

You will see Strzok’s operations against Trump in 2020 mirror his previous election operations with CIA cronies Cofer Black, John Brennan, James Clapper, and Michael Hayden.  You will see how Peter Strzok started his career in Kosovo with the NATO’s OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) giving Blackberries to Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Generals on behalf of General Hugh Shelton and his Chief of Staff, one David Petraeus.

You will follow Strzok’s Blackberries from conflict to conflict, releasing the pinatas of US and UN Peacekeeping money in a never-ending flow of cash to fund yet more covert actions and election operations.

This is a true story of how the CIA and the Strzoks stole the 2020 Presidential Election from you, and how they have stolen elections and bilked the US Congress and the United Nations for decades. The CIA and Strzoks have created conflicts for decades that only they can solve because they created them.  The Strzoks have stolen elections for decades using the same election flipping hackers in Belgrade, Serbia for twenty years and now that same group of hackers provided the election voting machine software for the 2020 Presidential Election for the critical counties in swing states that swung the election for Biden!

Chapter One – At Dawn They Strzok By George Webb

In the waning days of the second Clinton Presidency, a secret team was formed that gave birth to the organization that overthrew the 2020 Presidential Election twenty years later.  This secret team was an unholy alliance of Special Forces US Army Generals, CIA and FBI.

Counterintelligence teams, a smattering of diplomats at the State Department like the cronies of Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger, and a handful of obliging NATO Generals and Admirals.  The secret team also plucked a young FBI agent by the name of Peter Strzok Jr who was attached to the White House West Wing as a runner for Hillary Clinton and her budding career in covert action, especially in the war-torn nations of Bosnia and Kosovo. Currently, the cadre of Kosovo murderers installed by Kissinger and Albright are undergoing prosecution in The Hague, Netherlands for war crimes.

Peter Strzok Jr.’s career closely mirrored the career of his father, Peter Strzok, Sr., a CIA man of action on four continents including actions in Haiti, various African countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other hotspots across the globe. What did this secret team specialize in? The Strzok secret team specialized in overthrowing countries with dictators or strongmen that could be vilified in the world press to the point where United Nations assistance was triggered for the “oppressed people” of that country.  Even if those “oppressed peoples” were flown in from training camps in Syria, Turkey, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Peter Strzok Sr. had worked in all these countries, developing radical Islamic fundamentalist armies with the help of one CIA operative named Cofer Black and his radical Muslim superstar, Osama Bin Laden. These armies would be used over and over again to be moved like pieces on a chessboard to conflict areas to trigger UN and NATO funding. For the UN funding that was triggered in Kosovo in 1999, the CIA ensured a continuous stream of cash for training covert, mercenary armies that continue to this day.

This NATO funding bonanza wasn’t just limited to Kosovo.  The Strzoks were also involved in Haiti NATO funding with the MINUSTAH force that has been installed there for twenty years.   In fact, there are no less than fifteen of these money pipeline peacekeeping missions in Europe, Asia, and Africa. (see UN Peacekeeping graphic) The CIA formula for draining cash from the United States and Europe for these peacekeeping missions was deceptively simple.  Encourage violent extremism as a solution for long-held tribal animosities, train, and arm both sides of a conflict, and then make meticulous notes about how bad the conflict is to trigger US and UN peacekeeping funding.

The analytical reader will soon see that Africa is the predominant leader in UN Peacekeeping Missions followed closely by the Middle East. Americans may be more familiar with the International Security Forces (ISAF) in Afghanistan since many of their loved ones have served in that two decades-long war there, but most are not aware of the UNAMA peacekeeping mission there and even fewer are aware of the peacekeeping mission in the Kashmir Region of Pakistan – UNMOGIP.  We will talk later in this book about the Awan Spy Ring in the US Congress that directly funded these covert armies of Kashmir on the side of Pakistan.

Of course, the UN and NATO have not limited their activities to just the Third World.  Many UN missions have been launched in the Americas including Haiti, Central American, and South America.  These peacekeeping and observer missions also result in copious funding from the US Congress and the UN.  (See UN – Central American Observer Mission)

In fact, if an analyst wanted to document the covert actions of the CIA in training forces to overthrow governments, pinning the UN peacekeeping missions and hotspots on the map would be the easiest way to start.  In fact, many just call it Kosovo’s Mafia.

Another way to track the CIA’s nefarious activities would be to track the encrypted communications devices the CIA gives to rebel groups.  Since every communications device emanates a signal, tracking rebel groups that have been given covert communications devices is easier than a farmer tracking his cattle with cowbells. The CIA’s preferred device for sending cryptic, mission codes is the venerable Blackberry mobile texting device, made famous by Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner in the Hillary Clinton email case.

Almost all of Hillary Clinton’s 650,000 emails were in fact Blackberry device messages between State Department or Teneo Corporation employees.

In this book, we will show the reason why FBI Agent Peter Strzok was assigned to “investigate” the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal was precisely because his covert armies were using these devices in the field for military and election operations.

I have added a Social Media section at the end of each chapter so you can see real reader feedback at the end of each chapter.

George Webb SweigertUnfortunately, the great footnoting by Addy Adds is not visible in this copy and paste.  His index and glossary of characters in the story will be appreciated by all as well.  Footnotes will be inline, so you won’t have to page back and forth in the paperback book.gary geer😎👌LynnTerrific George Andy and all the sources! I just await the book and if Amazon again pulls a fast one try getting in touch with Trineday Professor Homamoto can help. Could President Trump have allowed this defeat bringing forth all this???George Webb SweigertWe work at research every day and try to get it to the right people.  We never stop, and we never quit.bronwen evansBrilliant investigation!LynnIf Tucker wants some facts on the election as he says read George Webb’s latest book on Patreon for a minimal fee.Lee ProvostI was researching Canadian Warren Flood this morning, I came across some data from 2019 I will send to your email.George Webb SweigertI saw Warren Flood had a GSA email address when he created the first Trump Dossier before Steele.  Was he buying election systems for Counties with DHS grants?George Webb SweigertThanks Lee. This is great.Lee ProvostGreat work GW !TazMuch more organized and reader-friendly writing! Great job!PresentFabulous Work George and Team. Have a great Thanksgiving.