Anons are commenting on Dan Scavino’s tweet which includes something I’ve never seen on his twitter feed before — a Q drop on a Scavino tweet. Hmmm…. Scavino has repeated a Q drop that appeared exactly one year ago today. Was this photo taken with Snowden onboard? P.S. – As we know, “Future proves past.”

Anons are talking about it and one added this, tweeted today from Edward Snowden:

Was Snowden with the Communist Chinese CCP? Or was he holed up in Russia?

Where is Snowden now???

The Gateway Pundit published this today:

Pro-Trump Australian MP Releases Plea for Julian Assange to Be Pardoned, Says Only Trump Can Protect Free Speech From the Democrats

Australian Member of Parliament George Christensen, a fierce and loyal defender of President Donald Trump, has launched a petition for Julian Assange to be pardoned.

Christensen also released a video appeal addressing the president, and urging him to protect freedom of speech from the Democrats seeking to destroy it.

Assange, an Australian citizen, is currently imprisoned in the UK awaiting a court’s decision about extraditing him to the United States to face extreme charges related to his publishing activities.

In an open letter to the president, Christensen wrote that “If you, as Commander in Chief, pardon Julian Assange, you will ensure that the national interest is protected and truth prevails. We can’t let the Deep State win.”

“You have the opportunity to demonstrate, as guardian of the Constitution, that the rule of law is paramount, and shield us from the Democrats’ willingness to violate the First Amendment, at any cost,” Christensen added.