The House Select Committee on Assassinations Cover Up – JFK

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Ted Gandolfo was a JFK assassination researcher who was very active in the 1970s and 1980s who knew JIm Garrison, Richard Sprague (the first counsel for the HSCA who was going to run a real investigation into the CIA), Mark Lane, Cyril Wecht, and Harold Weisberg.

Ted Gandolfo wrote a spiral bound book called COVERUP which is about how the CIA and their allies in Congress and the media sabotaged the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

The book Coverup, published in 1987 is extremely, extremely rare and I have attached it in a PDF form for your education. Feel free to send it to other interested parties in JFK assassination research.

Also, if you google “Ted Gandolfo” you will find interesting material about him especially in the Harold Weisberg archive.

Oh, one interesting sidenote: Lyndon Johnson murdered JFK and much of the stuff that really destroyed LBJ came out in the period from 1979 to 1984, which was an era in which LBJ’s reputation really started to get nuked within the both JFK research community and in mainstream academia.



These files must be extremely embarrassing to the CIA if they are still fighting so hard 57 years later to keep secret the files of JFK haters E. Howard Hunt, David Morales, William King Harvey and David Atlee Phillips

Hats off to Jefferson Morley for fighting so hard to get these files opened.
You can go to Amazon and pay a mere $1 and get Jefferson Morley’s Morley v. CIA: My Unfinished JFK investigation which tells how Brett Kavanaugh ultimately killed Morley’s attempt to get compensation for legal fees for his totally justified lawsuits against the CIA for sitting on these files.

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