I began reading and following George Webb’s reports in late 2016. What he reported was shocking info about the crimes being committed by well-known names in our government and military — John McCain, David Petraeus, and many more who are the subject of laudatory biographies. “American Heroes.”

Shocking. Eye opening. Faith shaking. I was in disbelief at first, but Webb’s proofs convinced me — a full year before Q came along — that we were being controlled by a shadow government run by dangerous and powerful crooks.

Today, attorney Sidney Powell retweeted a portion of Webb’s latest thread in which he reiterates his reports of four years ago. Finally, I thought, Webb is breaking through, getting his work recognized for the enormity of how deep the swamp goes.

Sidney Powell retweeted #7 in the thread. What follows is Webb’s entire thread.

Here’s the entire thread posted by George Webb:

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Otpor means Resist/Resistance..These Serbs are always up to something no good…

Anyone else watch the video of no name questioning petraus and then he changes into a lizard like creature all bodyguards SURROUND him his claw is visible when he drinks some water no names face is abject horror they then take a break and leave the room surrounding petraus!!!

Srdja Popović, the leader of Otpor/Canvas have just this summer moved with his wife to USA ?! Food for thought…. prior to that he was in London running George Soros operations there, from where he organized Colored Revolutions around the world.