On Nov 17th, President Trump activated NSAM #57.

NSAM #57 was on the books since 1961. It was penned by JFK to counter CIA power and transfer it’s function to Military Intelligence. Kennedy realized that the CIA was basically running the show.

Of course, soon after, Kennedy was shot in the head, and this plan has been dormant ever since. No president dared touch it.

Until, November 17, 2020.

Specifically, #57 was part of a series of three; #55,#56, and #57.

What it does is makes special ops report directly to the secretary of defense, thus cutting the CIA out of the loop.

Further, the CIA can no longer initiate their own special ops. Kennedy gave this Memorandum directly to the military, but within the military, the order was blocked, and has been inactive ever since. Kennedy’s plan was to reactivate the plan after reelection in ’65.

So the new Sec of Defense Christopher Miller implemented this action on the 17th, thereby seizing direct control of clandestine operations from CIA. It had been Trumps plan to activate it after reelection as well, but his timeframe was moved up by the steal.

So there is definitely a fracture in the government. It’s real. And Trump is definitely in danger.

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