That this year’s White House Historic Association’s Christmas ornament features the portrait of President John F. Kennedy?

Asking because our current president Donald J Trump has implemented NSAM#57, the very order that many believe got JFK assassinated. Kennedy promised that he would splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

“On Nov 17th, President Trump activated NSAM #57.

NSAM #57 was on the books since 1961. It was penned by JFK to counter CIA power and transfer it’s function to Military Intelligence. Kennedy realized that the CIA was basically running the show.

Of course, soon after, Kennedy was shot in the head, and this plan has been dormant ever since. No president dared touch it.

Until, November 17, 2020.

Specifically, #57 was part of a series of three; #55,#56, and #57.

What it does is makes special ops report directly to the secretary of defense, thus cutting the CIA out of the loop.

Further, the CIA can no longer initiate their own special ops. Kennedy gave this Memorandum directly to the military, but within the military, the order was blocked, and has been inactive ever since. Kennedy’s plan was to reactivate the plan after reelection in ’65.

So the new Sec of Defense Christopher Miller implemented this action on the 17th, thereby seizing direct control of clandestine operations from CIA. It had been Trumps plan to activate it after reelection as well, but his timeframe was moved up by the steal.

So there is definitely a fracture in the government. It’s real.” – RiverCity Tider

L. Fletcher Prouty wrote about it at length in his book “JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy”:

A new era in the CIA had begun, and a new secret team was in control. At the close of 1961 there were 2,067 American servicemen in Vietnam; by the end of the decade there would be more than half a million. As we look back on that decade, we see the record of revolutionary changes. As David Halberstam has written, “Those who had failed, who had misled the President of the United States the most, would be rewarded, promoted, given ever more important and powerful jobs.”

Many of these same men have played similar roles for later administrations in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. We cannot but be alarmed at the bewildering innocence of American citizens. Actions of these administrations reflect a policy that began to take shape during the latter years of the Eisenhower era and was then quite clearly documented in those Kennedy National Security Action Memoranda. As presidential administrations come and go, the bureaucracy lingers on to perfect its ways, and this is nowhere more sinister than in the domain of the CIA and its allies throughout the government. The CIA has learned to hide behind its best cover — that is, that it is an intelligence agency — when actually it devours more money, more time, more manpower, and more effort in support of that part of its organization responsible for its covert “Fun and Games” activities all over the world (not to mention within this country.) – Pages 229-230, Chp. 15 “The Erosion of National Sovereignty”

Listen to X22 Report Episode #2356b wherein Dave explains the meaning of the following and how it relates to what I’ve written above:

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In 1776 the patriots held meetings in restaurants, taverns, and churches. Strange how the Deep State is targeting, shutting down these places now. Today we use social media which is being shut down, censored.

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