POTUS taking Constitutional fight to Supreme Court.

BREAKING: Trump campaign files a petition for writ of certiorari to the US. Supreme Court to reverse a trio of Pennsylvania Supreme Court cases which illegally changed Pennsylvania’s mail balloting law immediately before and after the 2020 presidential election.

The PA lawsuit filed yesterday — the first direct claim, petition for SCOTUS from Trump Campaign — about the three Pennsylvania decisions have been appealed to SCOTUS, along with a motion for expedited view.

That is major coming out of PA. The calendar — There are two days left before Christmas. This is by far the most significant case that’s been brought. Can you it past the January 6th firewall?

Boris Epshteyn of the Trump Campaign says “Is it necessary to be all done by the 6th when the electoral college casts their votes? Absolutely not. There’s plenty of time to get this adjudicated. You do not need to go to lower courts, that’s done. These are issues that at the state level were wrongfully decided. SCOTUS moved fast with Bush v Gore.

There’s still a path and if there’s not a president decided by the 20th, there’s an acting president and we will continue. The 6th is a date of real significance, but there is a path if there’s no decision on that date. And if it’s not decided by the 20th, Pelosi is the acting President until Congress figures it out.

So, Boris Epshteyn thinks SCOTUS will rule on this motion to expedite the hearing of this before Christmas day — on 23rd by high noon and reply due on 24th if they grab the motion. “On the Motion to expedite, we are expecting action before Christmas.”

The Petition: https://cdn.donaldjtrump.com/public-files/press_assets/trump-v-boockvar-petition.pdf

The Campaign’s Motion: https://cdn.donaldjtrump.com/public-files/press_assets/trump-v-boockvar-petition.pdf

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