“Patrick Byrne joins us today for a passionate conversation about his meeting with the President of the United States. There isn’t a need for many show notes.

“If there was ever an episode of the show you need to share with your friends and family, this is it.”

So says Tracy Beanz who along with her co-host Frank of “Frank and Beanz” interviewed former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne about his four-hour meeting with President Trump, Sidney Powell and Gen. Mike Flynn at the White House.

It is a POWERFUL interview and one that you shouldn’t miss.

Congratulations to Tracy for nailing this interview — and for being mentioned by name by the President during the Byrne’s controversial White House meeting.

Here’s the link to the page where you’ll find it. Click on the image below.

Byrne has been making the rounds and was featured in The Epoch Times in a revealing interview he did with Jan Jekielek. Look for “2020 Election Fraud is CCP ‘Assassin’s Mace.'”



Murray @Rothbard1776 on Twitter wrote this thread about the interview with Tracy Beanz: