Did you comply with the autocrats this Christmas?

Covid Christmas and Communistic Government Control

Christmas is closing in with the hand of oppression, keeping families separated, businesses in financial freefall, corporate worship at a distance. Isolation, economic ruin are the gifts these turncoats have delivered against the American Republic

A. Dru Kristenev

The Covid “crisis” also lends well to reducing the population by simply keeping people apart, building a hurdle to raising a family let alone instruct their progeny should they manage reproductive relations. Is this the “Brave New World” of incubated fetuses that become drones controlled by drugs that, in this society, includes internet access?

The twist on different advertisements includes encouraging folks to purchase family reunion t-shirts, which sanctions the concept of emblazoning their surname on their chest as proof of attendance without venturing out of the house. Instead, families are pressured to have their “get together” safely online. By complying, everything said and done is monitored by big tech working in league with the Chinese Communist Party (TikTok, Zoom, and likely Portal and Facetime, etc.) – that includes the deep state allies, a.k.a. traitors, from both parties. It will be best to assume there’s an uninvited entity participating in an otherwise cozy “watch party.” Really, how much fun is that?

Nothing has been overlooked regarding homebound activities. Consider the boom in indoor fitness becoming a singular pursuit promoting individual cycling and training equipment while viewing dramatic international landscapes through a computer screen. The “cancel culture” now says, “Isolate and keep pedaling in your safe space but don’t touch. Don’t visit. Don’t have face-to-face contact with the people who live in these beautiful locales. The world is only to be experienced virtually,” producing a generation of hermits who live in abject fear of a virus with a 99% recovery rate.

Further forcing inevitable seclusion and financial hardship for non-compliant individuals is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issuing guidelines to employers that they can require proof of vaccination in order to work. Edicts of this kind are unconstitutional at the very core. EEOC’s justification regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t pertain to demanding that individuals be vaccinated. It’s hard to know what the legal department is thinking but the stated argument that employers are not seeking disability, “impairments or current health status” has no relation to receiving vaccinations.

If such an argument were valid then every workplace could require flu shots or hepatitis vaccinations, yet they don’t. Why? Every such “guideline” emanating from federal agencies like the EEOC or the CDC are in violation of the Law of the Land which is not legislation that can be changed and rectified within statehouses or Congress alone, or policies published in the Federal Register. The Law of the Land is the Constitution which First and Fourth Amendments protect individuals from invasive regulations that could include mandating a vaccine. You can’t get much more invasive than an injection.

Should government agencies and executives continue to institute such regulations there will be an alternative market established by the citizenry to bypass their high-handed and essentially powerless mandates. (The concept that such a “black” market would outstrip government “approved” commerce was already covered in a previous column. True Americans will not relinquish their God-given rights to a cadre of elitist bureaucrats.) There’s one more thing that all politicians should consider but especially the republicans who are caving and urging concession to the egregiously compromised election results manipulated to usher Joe Biden into the Oval Office, however temporarily. Compliance with a corrupted election process will guarantee that each GOP legislator will not have a future in political office.

By rolling over and permitting the 2020 election to be pervertedthose republicans will have acquiesced to all future subversion of the process. Inaction will forever give over elections to exploitation by criminal racketeers, which will ensure that they will become victims of the voter fraud they embraced, losing every race they thought was secure. Additionally, when they are turned out to engage in commercial enterprise, those ex-politicos will be roped-in by the very regulations they helped to emplace, restricting their personal movement and ability to earn a living. There will be no escape from their own calumny.

Christmas is closing in with the hand of oppression, keeping families separated, businesses in financial freefall and corporate worship at a distance. Isolation and economic ruin are the gifts these turncoats against the American Republic will have delivered to themselves along with the rest of “US.”

Note: Believers, do not lose hope. Faith is bigger than the natural mess currently surrounding us. Rely on the greatness of God who is working to set things aright through His intervention and the diligent prayer and action of His People—you and me.


By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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