Here’s how to join the STAND FOR TRUMP Caravan to DC

Are you driving to DC to be there Jan. 6th?

Would you like to travel with a caravan of other patriots?

20 cities, 4 routes, all to DC by 9am!

This thread will contain all the stops departure times and a patriot for you to contact to meet up at those stops! #WeThePeople #MAGA — by Dr. ENoCH@elenochle


Lansing departs 7pm 5th w/ @ameliasimb

Toledo departs 9:20pm 5th w/ @Corey_Ag_47

Columbus departs 11:00pm 5th w/ @Danielw24180378

Pittsburgh depart 2:30am 6th w/ @10mcnez

Gettysburg departs 6am 6th w/ @hrmnyA


Boston departs 8:30pm 5th w/ @TommSavage

Hartford departs 11:00pm 5th w/ @gaerbear33

Newburgh departs 1:00am 6th w/ TBD

Scranton departs 3:00am 6th w/ TBD

Gettysburg depart 6:00am 6th w/ @hrmnyA


Departure times (all times eastern)

Nashville 6:00pm 5th w/ @HarbingerofMAGA

Knoxville 8:50pm 5th w/ TBD

Abingdon 11:10pm 5th w/ TBD

Wytheville 1:20am 6th w/ @FungiSupreme

Staunton 4:20am 6th w/ TBD

Richmond 6:20am 6th w/ @eazyamerican

ALABAMA MIDNIGHT RIDERS CARAVAN ROUTE Departure times. (All time eastern)

Gadsden 6:10pm 5th w/ @UnitedIc2

Atlanta 8:30pm 5th w/ TBD

Greenville 11:10pm 5th w/ @NikkiQpatriQt17

Charlotte 1:10am 6th w/ TBD

Durham 3:40am 6th w/ TBD

Richmond 6:20am 6th w/ @eazyamerican

Find the stop you want to add to the caravan at and contact that stops team leader for more information. Thank you.

Contact @qalmertree for the Durham stop!

This group is a place to organize Peaceful Protests in support of President Trump, and Election Integrity. 

  • Organize ride sharing to DC for January 6th protest
  • Organize protests at your State Capital and Local City Halls
  • List Rides Available, and Rides Needed and what city you are in.
  • Keep it peaceful, but let your voices be heard.

To Search choose under topics your state and either “Have Extra Space” or “Need a Ride

We encourage you to report inappropriate posts. 


Women For America First has been fighting for President Trump since the election. We’ve organized two massive rallies in DC on November 14th and December 12th. We’ve also visited more than 20 states rallying support for the President so that he knows WE THE PEOPLE have his back!

President Trump has fought for us for four years and now it’s time for us to fight for him! That’s why the March For Trump Bus is going to lead a CROSS COUNTRY CARAVAN from SEA TO SHINING SEA.

We will answer the President’s call to be in Washington DC on January 6th. Along the way we’re going to turn up the heat on Senators and members of congress NOT TO CERTIFY the fraudulent election results during the Electoral College Count on January 6th. 

DEC 27th:
12pm: March For Trump Bus Departs Las Vegas 

7pm: Broadcast Event at Ambassador Auditorium – Pasadena, California
Speakers include:
George and Simona Papadopoulos 
Pastor Che Ahn
Amy and Kylie Kremer
Pastor Tim Thompson
Investigative Journalist Matt Couch
Pastor Brian Gibson
Dustin Stockton

*Event is inside and entrance will be on a first come first serve basis and temperatures will be taken upon entry

Our team is finalizing the schedule right now and we will have the full March For Trump route and stops posted later tonight.

We still need all the financial support we can get to help us cover BUS TOUR expenses like

  • Bus Rental
  • Bus Driver
  • Gas
  • Stage
  • Sound
  • Venues
  • Travel
  • PR
  • Production
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Scheduler
  • Food
  • Etc…

To MAIL a donation via USPS to our headquarters, please send to:
Women for America First
PO Box 72861
Marietta, GA 30007