Now that’s kinda weird…

What they’re saying (Twitter)

no crater either… Even the trees looked pretty good.

eBomb. Intent was probably to fry the equipment in the building which it seems to have done. There’s a lot of speculation as to what some of it was too. The RV was basically a tin can except for the engine block, frame and axles.

must be made of the same stuff as a plane that can melt steel beams

Did you not see the damage to the buildings? It look like an atomic bomb was dropped.

I believe something sinister happened, but remember Oklahoma City was a single box truck.

This level of destruction is caused by military grade weapons. I’ve seen this all over Syria. My guess? A form of warhead like those carried in missiles.

Haven’t seen a single picture of parts from a RV. No engine, axles, frame, tires, etc. Must be made of the same material the 9-11 planes were made of.

Explosion came from sidewalk hatch where the fiber optic cables enter the building or one of the sidewalk exhaust grates that the hot air exits from the equipment in the building. I walk this everyday from parking to my office.

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