First, THANK YOU. Your readership and comments have inspired and encouraged me to push on in the fight to save our country and support President Trump in his mission to release us from the snakes that have ensnared us while we slept.

Next… I’ve been deliberating on whether I should return to Facebook (if and when) my account is re-opened. And I’ve come to a decision. I will NOT be returning. My account(s) will remain but I will no longer be commenting on them.

Social media has become a toxicity in the public discourse. Censorship is obnoxious, pervasive and growing.

I control my website and can post whatever opinions or facts I believe to be important to share. Though I might lose some readers, I believe that with the help of PARLER and for the time being, TWITTER, many will return, and others will join me in the fight for liberty, justice, and freedom here on this site.