April 19, 2018

“They are all plants.”

“This is all staged.”

“The D’s are calling this an insurrection.”

“This movie is AWESOME! Oh… and what makes a good movie? Great actors…. and Extras!!!!”

“Not MAGA. Not one ounce of testosterone in that group.”

“That dude was just live on this link: https://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_N2ezvK-Ng

(go back about 3 mins). He’s RIGHT behind this streamer right this moment.”

The ‘fuck the police” sign in the background confirms antifa. Of course it is Antifa. Who didn’t see this coming?

IN Philadelphia.


“Sheepdipped him as Q supporter with crazy outfit so he would stand out, then he could easily be identified as “the Q guy” when the op is full swing.”