Bootstrap time.


“… it’s time for conservatives to start doing what leftists have done since the 1960s: They need to view protest arrests, not as shameful stigmas, but as badges of honor. As long as we view all arrests with horror and disdain, instead of distinguishing the ones that come honorably, we’re falling behind. We also need to start creating bail funds for those honorable arrests, just as leftists did for BLM.

We know that leftists will open the borders. We’re going to get flooded with illegal immigrants. Since we can’t stop them, we may as well educate them in the ways of our Constitution. Do what leftists do and provide free English classes and other resources for illegal aliens – except instead of teaching them Marx, teach them the Constitution, Adam Smith, the free market, etc. Let’s embrace them and make them ours, not theirs.

If you’re in a traditional church, reaching out to Hispanic and Black churches and communities. Don’t let leftists be the only voice speaking to minorities. Again, we conservatives are good people and we have good values.

Get off Facebook and Twitter. Go back to the old-fashioned way of communicating with friends: email chains. You can even write paper letters. Also, start visiting your favorite blogs again instead of relying on social media. I do that every single day, which is how I get all my information and ideas. I use Twitter as a shorthand for putting information into these posts (which have word count limits), but I go elsewhere for my core information.

Start running for local politics because you don’t have to announce your party affiliation. Get on the school board and don’t let them bully you for being a racist when you espouse classic liberal values. Get onto every single local political board you can. That’s how politicians start.

Homeschool your children. The Wuhan virus brutally exposed that many of our teachers don’t deserve to spend time in the room with our children. Create education pods where a group of conservative parents hires a conservative educator.

If you can afford to do so, stop buying anything made in China.

Primary RINO politicians. They think they can keep their power by joining forces with the left. Disabuse them of that notion.

And one more thing: Remember that leftists hate each other. Intersectionality plus statism means they’re all battling for the same political spoils. Also, their politicians are often morons who are propped up by the press. That won’t help them in the long run.

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


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