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Executive Order 13959

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Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies
TypeExecutive order
Executive Order number13959
Signed byDonald Trump on November 12, 2020
Federal Register details
Federal Registerdocument number2020-25459
Publication dateNovember 17, 2020
Document citation85 FR 73185

Executive Order 13959 is a U.S. Presidential Executive Order signed on November 12, 2020 by President Donald Trump. Its stated goal is “Addressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies”.

Prohibiting investment in “Communist Chinese military companies”

The executive order prohibits all U.S. investors (institutional and retail investors alike) from purchasing or investing in securities of companies identified by the U.S. government as “Communist Chinese military companies.”[1][2] A “Communist Chinese military company” is any company that the U.S. Department of Defense has identified pursuant to Section 1237 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999. The prohibition came into effect on January 11, 2021.[3] On December 28, 2020, guidance on the executive order was published clarifying that the order included subsidiaries of the relevant companies.[4][5]

List of affected companies

Initially, 31 companies were identified, including two companies whose shares are traded on U.S. exchanges. These include companies in aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, technology and communication industries.

On December 3, 2020, the Department of Defense designated four additional companies as owned or controlled by the Chinese military, taking the total number of affected companies to 35.[6]