A favorite song of Scott Kesterson’s who plays it frequently as a closing theme on his BARDS FM program. It perfectly expresses what many of us feel today. It’s a haunting but beautiful melody, one that has embedded in my memory. Caution: It could have the same effect on you!

In the night we were wild we were golden 
Sparks and embers fly 
Wherever we were going 

Fire and ice we built our lives on survival 

past the fault lines 
your hand in mine 
The song we’re humming 
You can’t stop 
A storm from coming 

One look, it all comes rushing 
Wolves cry and lightning strikes 
Dark sky and thunder rumbling 
You can’t stop 
A storm from coming 

holding onto what we built 
east of eden running with the wolves to freedom 
if you listen hear the whispers what the night knows 
there’s a revolution rising in the shadows 

fire and ice we hold inside 
a revival