The list of folks joining TELEGRAM is phenomenal. Many are also on GAB, and were on Parler before it was unceremoniously shut down. The bastids.

Some are using their real names. Others use a pseudonym. You can find me there @radiopatriot

Earlier this evening, Lin Wood posted an audio clip of… well, I’ll let him tell you:

“I learned today that my alma mater Mercer Law School was holding a Zoom conference call with faculty and students to discuss demands that my name be removed from a courtroom in the school. The school named the courtroom for me after I made a $1M donation to the school. I did not seek the recognition. I joined the call unbeknownst to the Dean, Cathy Cox. After she falsely slandered me, including references to my relationship with my children, I spoke up. I spoke truth. Judge for yourself after listening to my remarks.”

I don’t know how to migrate the audio to this post, so you’ll have to listen there — join TELEGRAM by going to and downloading the free app.