81 Court Cases of ELECTION FRAUD

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UPDATED 1:10 PM PT – Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions has put together a comprehensive list of all of the court cases on election fraud brought forward in recent months.

The group found there have been a total of 81 cases filed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, New Mexico, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado, Texas, New York, Ohio and Washington D.C.

Many of those that are still active were filed in the battleground states, where county totals were decided by just a handful of votes.

The case brought by the President’s campaign against the Secretary of Pennsylvania entered it’s third round as the petitioner pushed for the state Supreme Court to consolidate and reconsider former rulings regarding the counting of thousands of ballots that were improperly cast, but counted anyway.

The Nevada Republican Central Committee v. Clark County was filed in October and called for election officials to make voter records public as vote by mail processes led to a number of issues in the days following the election. In November, a judge ruled the county must reveal the number of ballots that were flagged due to signature issues, including signatures that were missing or unmatched.

While a majority of the lawsuits were brought forth by the President and his team, pockets of voters from across the country became their own advocates, filing lawsuits against election officials and state leaders all on their own.

One such group of voters in Georgia, many of whom doubled as poll tabulators and electors, filed suit detailing numerous instances of voting irregularities. A hearing was held in early January where the petitioners had the chance to bring their concerns forward.

“It is clear from the video that the people’s business in this very important process that we all hold so dear in this democracy, called elections, a one man one vote, was conducted in secrecy, not in the open,” Bob Cheeley, attorney for the petitioner stated.

Meanwhile in Arizona, two groups, “Mi Familia Vota” and “Arizona Coalition for Change” sued Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The two groups ran voter registration drives and reported signing up more than 1,500 voters a week until last minute coronavirus restrictions brought their operations to a near standstill. They alleged Hobb’s deadline for registration violated their First Amendment right to free speech, and further violated the due process clause outlined in the 14th Amendment.

The report went on to say millions of Americans are disappointed with the U.S. judiciary system, with many concerned the issues of 2020 may come back to haunt voters just in time for the midterms.

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  1. Wow, even Montana? We use paper ballots and have voter ID requirements… I know they definitely cheated to get Jon Tester in a couple of years ago, I just don’t know how. I believe it had something to do with the unions, though. Missoula is seriously corrupt and full of leftist loons. We don’t live there but it is a couple hours away.

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